NCIS star Sean Murray Forced His Daughter To Come On The Show

Sean Murray, known for his role as Timothy McGee on NCIS, recently shared a special moment on set with his daughter Caitlin K. Murray. Caitlin guest-starred in an episode as Tegan Fields, a character caught up in an investigation. Fans were thrilled to see the father-daughter duo on screen together, praising Caitlin’s acting skills and noting her resemblance to her father.

In a recent episode, the show made a reference to beloved character Abby Sciuto, played by Pauley Perrette, and her favorite drink, CAF-Pow. Despite Perrette’s departure from the series due to rumored disagreements with co-star Mark Harmon, fans continue to wait for Abby’s comeback.

Sean Murray discussed a change of pace for his character, McGee, in a recent episode where he infiltrates a group of school dads. Murray shared insights into McGee’s discomfort in the unfamiliar setting, drawing from his own experiences.

Finally, there is still conjecture concerning Mark Harmon’s future on NCIS after his character Gibbs left last season. With Harmon’s name deleted from the opening credits, fans question if Gibbs will make a return or if Gary Cole’s character will lead the squad ahead.

As NCIS continues to captivate audiences with its compelling characters and thrilling storylines, fans eagerly await each new development in the beloved series.

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