NCIS actor Sean Murray Uncertain About His Fate on the Show: ‘You Never Know’

Sean Murray, the longest-serving member of the NCIS ensemble, expresses concern about his future on the show despite its longevity. As the program approaches its 1,000th episode over five series, Murray admits the industry’s uncertain character, saying, “No one is quite safe,” even after 21 seasons.

Reflecting on the show’s endurance, Murray attributes its success to the quality and care invested in crafting the procedural. He emphasizes the strong foundation laid early on, which resonated with viewers and created a sense of family among the cast and crew. Murray believes this connection has been a key factor in the franchise’s longevity.

Murray acknowledges that while there is no singular formula for the franchise’s success, each series has developed its own distinct identity. Murray enjoys how each NCIS episode, from the original to spinoffs set in different places, has provided people with something unique.

As NCIS approaches its monumental episode, Murray remains grateful for his time on the show but acknowledges the uncertainty of the future. Despite this, he expresses that the cast is currently enjoying their work and isn’t looking to move on anytime soon.

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