NCIS Interview: Sean Murray Shows Details About 1000th episode

Back in November, during the extended hiatus due to strikes, Sean Murray celebrated the 20th anniversary of his debut as Special Agent Timothy McGee on CBS’ NCIS.

In a recent interview, Sean Murray, who plays Special Agent Timothy McGee on CBS’s NCIS, talked on McGee’s changing life over the course of 20 years on the show. McGee has transitioned from a single agent to a husband and father, and he now faces a stunning revelation regarding a previously unknown family in the next episode “The Plan,” which airs on March 25.

Meanwhile, the team works to solve the mystery of a missing agent’s service weapon, with assistance from Jess’ father, Special Agent in Charge Feng Zhao, played by Russell Wong. Murray also teased the upcoming 1,000th episode, promising fun Easter eggs for fans. The interview wrapped up with a “NCIS Pop Quiz!” where Murray was tested on his knowledge of the show’s lore, including Gibbs’ rules and other trivia. Despite his long tenure on the series, Murray was stumped by one question, and he jokingly chided his co-stars for their inability to recall the names of McGee and Delilah’s children.

Please play the video and enjoy!

Source: TVLine

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