How the NCIS Season 21 Finale Open the Way for Tennant’s To Join The Show

Instead of Jane taking over Jessica Knight’s role, she could temporarily step in for Alden Parker as he recovers from his leg injury sustained in the season 21 finale. Parker’s injury led to him having visions of a mystery girl named Lily. Jane Tennant’s temporary assignment would also provide a perfect opportunity to resolve the NCIS: Hawai’i season finale cliffhanger, where Maggie Shaw (Julie White) showed up unexpectedly to talk to Jane.

While Jane is filling in for Parker, LL Cool J might temporarily replace Knight’s role. Rather than a permanent takeover, this may allow his character to conclude some unfinished business with Tennant. This temporary arrangement, which would last a few weeks, would give Parker time to recover and Knight the opportunity to determine whether she prefers the East Coast. This brief narrative arc might see Jane and Sam Hanna reprise their roles and deliver an intriguing plot twist for the main crew.

Jane wouldn’t have to manage Maggie alone, with Sam Hanna just a call away. This would offer a wonderful continuation of their characters, even if only temporarily. If Jane isn’t willing to relocate from Hawaii or if the timing doesn’t align, it wouldn’t make sense for Hanna to join the MCRT by himself just yet. However, Hanna could be the perfect future replacement for Nick Torres if he decides to leave the show. Remember, Torres stepped in when Michael Weatherly’s Tony DiNozzo departed from NCIS.

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