‘NCIS’ Recap: What Was Mark Harmon’s Gibbs’ Last Question Before Saying Goodbye..?

It’s the end of an era for NCIS fans. After more than 18 seasons and over 400 episodes, Mark Harmon’s Leroy Jethro Gibbs has finally found peace and bid farewell to his squad.

Harmon’s final episode as the star of television’s most-watched drama was Season 19, Episode 4 titled “Great Wide Open.” Before leaving, he finally answered a question his fans had been asking for years.

On ‘NCIS,’ Gibbs urges McGee to grab his gear one last time.

The episode began with Gary Cole’s FBI Agent Alden Parker knocking down the door to serve an arrest warrant at Gibbs’ residence.

But he’s already left town with McGee (Sean Murray) after receiving information about their Sonova case.

Gibbs asks McGee to get his stuff one more time before they head off to investigate and follow their lead in Alaska. McGee isn’t aware of it yet, but he’s a key player in Gibbs’ final mission.

McGee, the very first NCIS rookie and the penultimate OG agent, joins Gibbs to speak with the father of Libby, a freelance writer and LeMere v1ct1m.

The goodbyes begin.

Director Vance (Rocky Carroll) refuses to assist Parker in locating Gibbs, who is wanted for obstruction of justice. This follows Gibbs stealing a government car and kidnapping a suspect in episode 3 before he d1ed under strange circumstances.

At this point, we journey back in time to watch the first of Gibbs’ numerous goodbyes. Vance meets Gibbs at his favorite diner before departing for Alaska. The director provides his former agent with a satellite phone and lends him McGee for his trip. As Gibbs slips his phone into his cup of coffee, he begins to choke up and expresses his gratitude to the director.

Ducky interrupts Gibbs as he rushes out the door with his gear (David McCallum). Ducky tells Gibbs he’s worried about him in the final moment between the two original characters.

The former Marine sniper acknowledges that he’s been hunting for something but doesn’t know what it is. The two then hug, with Gibbs telling Ducky that he’s been a terrific buddy. Every NCIS fan reaches for a box of tissues.

What was Gibbs’ last inquiry before departing ‘NCIS’?

The show wasn’t just loaded with heartfelt farewells. Fans also got an answer to a query they’d had for over two decades. Fans finally got to see how Gibbs has been getting boats out of his cellar all these years towards the opening of the episode, when Agent Parker served the FBI warrant at Gibbs’ home.

The solution is to go through the wall. Agent Parker spotted a boat-sized hole in the wall, which alerted him to the fact that Gibbs was not in his home. It also dispatched Parker to Alaska to apprehend Gibbs.

Parker and Gibbs collaborate.

The NCIS agents solve the Sonova case fast and discover evidence that links to CEO Sonia Eberhard. She appears to be the perpetrator of the d3aths that Gibbs began investigating alongside journalist Marcie Warren in season 18. (Pam Dawber). It’s also the same case Parker has been working on, and he and Gibbs are now collaborating.

The researchers calculated that Sonova’s copper mine in Naktok Bay would devastate the entire region. Instead of taking no for an answer, Sonova and Eberhard murd3r3d the people in their path so that they could build their mine without incident.

As Parker detains Eberhard, fans are treated to a flashback of Gibbs bidding farewell to Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) as he drives him to the airport.

“Don’t allow this job consume all of your time. “Take care of yourself,” he advises the young agent.

Agent Parker loses his position in order to assist Gibbs.

With the CEO apprehended and the case closed, McGee transports Gibbs to Parker for arrest. Parker, on the other hand, decides he doesn’t want to be the FBI’s errand boy and fires Gibbs. He reached that conclusion after conducting his own research on Gibbs and consulting with his colleague, Tobias Fornell (Joe Spano).

Parker was sacked from the FBI as a result of his decision not to arrest Gibbs and his failure to testify against him concerning the vehicle theft and suspect kidnapping. Fans can be confident that this will pave the path for him to join NCIS as soon as next week.

On ‘NCIS,’ Gibbs transfers the torch to McGee.

The episode concludes with Gibbs and McGee fly fishing, with the 70-year-old agent reminding his protégé that he must establish his own rhythm. He believes that the key is to focus on progress rather than perfection. They’re not talking about fishing, of course. Instead, Gibbs is officially handing over the reins of NCIS.

After reminiscing about fishing with his father, Gibbs informs McGee that he will not be returning to NCIS or Washington DC. He’s still unsure of what he’s looking for, but he’s staying put. Alaska had provided him tranquility for the first time since Shannon and Kelly d1ed.

“I couldn’t have asked for someone better to watch my back for the past 18 years than you, Tim,” Gibbs says to McGee before hugging and both telling the other he loves him.

McGee returns to Washington on his own, while Gibbs stays behind on the water to fly fish. Fans witness Gibbs in waders casting his line with a smile on his face in the last image.

Will fans be able to see Mark Harmon again?

CBS has not released an official announcement regarding Harmon’s departure from NCIS. Showrunner Steven D. Binder, on the other hand, stated that he is still an integral component of the show as an executive producer. This indicates that fans may see him again in the future.

“As an executive producer and good friend, Mark is a vital part of the show’s fabric.” Staying loyal to our characters has always been our north star, and that truth has always driven the stories we write and where those characters go. So, as long-time fans of the program may have noted over the years, never count Leroy Jethro Gibbs out,” Binder said of Gibbs’ future.

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