NCIS recap: Gibbs’ team tries to move on without him

The new NCIS episode was an eventful one, beginning with a recap of what led to Gibbs being suspended. During that last episode, Gibbs’ team lied to cover for him, angering Director Leon Vance into chastising Bishop, Torres, and McGee. As for Gibbs, he was suspended when he refused to apologize to a guy he assaulted after that man was accused of murdering dogs.

After a man was found murdered outside of a club, the new episode switched to the office of Vance, where he was visited by U.S. Secretary of Defense Moses McClaine (played by William Allen Young).

He was there because an investigative journalist was asking questions about Gibbs getting suspended, and McClaine wanted answers from Vance. It led to Vance offering to do a favor for McClaine that would come up later.

NCIS recap: Season 18, Episode 11

A shift in tone could be felt right away when Torres, Bishop, and McGee watched as another NCIS team took a call and a case during their shift. It served as a more extensive introduction of NCIS Special Agent Veronica “Ronnie” Tyler (played by Victoria Platt) and NCIS Special Agent Dale Sawyer (Zane Holtz).

Agent Tyler appeared in the season premiere, so we already knew the character. As for Agent Sawyer, his introduction may have been a tad humorous since the actor that plays him is friends with Wilmer Valderrama (Torres) due to past roles that they have had.

Seeing them take the call instead of Gibbs’ team suggested that consequences might have been leveled on them after they lied to protect their boss. It wasn’t much longer until Vance arrived in the bullpen to let them know that they had been reassigned. The trio was told that they would be doing COVID-detail for the secretary and that their jobs depended on them doing it well.

Gibbs meets Marcie Warren

A diner scene popped up after the commercial break and this is what we had been waiting to see for a while. Gibbs was having breakfast at the counter when he was questioned by a journalist named Marcie Warren. This was the person who the secretary referenced earlier in the episode, but that’s not why it was important.

The actress playing Marcie is Pam Dawber, and she is married to Mark Harmon (Gibbs). This is the first time that she has appeared as a member of the NCIS cast and it was great to see them interacting.

As for Marcie, she wanted to ask Gibbs questions about his suspension and possible excessive force used during that case. Gibbs didn’t like being blindsided and ended up walking out of the diner – but not before revealing that he already knew who Marcie was and he wasn’t fooled by her subterfuge.

Two NCIS teams in action

While Gibbs’ team was doing their new job, McGee got some paint on him that was the same color as what was found on the murder victim that Tyler and Sawyer were investigating. As expected, it led to Bishop, Torres, and McGee having an excuse to start looking into a case that wasn’t theirs to work on.

When they ended up discovering some evidence, it was revealed that a hit was put out on the secretary. Vance was quite displeased that they had been investigating on their own again but did allow them to report to the other team and help Tyler and Sawyer on the case. While Tyler was happy to have more people to assist, Sawyer didn’t trust them and was outright angry that they were interfering with his case.

Later, Marcie showed up at Gibbs’ house to ask more questions, but he wasn’t interested in chatting. As she was leaving, though, she wished him luck on the particular boat engine that he was working on, and it looked like he was pleased that she knew about boats.

Regarding the case, it turned out that a hitman was hired to stop a U.S. alliance from forming. Gibbs’ team solved it all and saved the secretary’s life, but let Tyler and Sawyer take the credit for everything. That definitely won Sawyer over, and he started acting more positively in the office.

Meanwhile, it was revealed that the reporter had the entire story now, which seemed to indicate that Gibbs had told her everything. The episode ended with the cliffhanger that Gibbs could lose his job depending on the fallout of it all. And it still seems like Gibbs’ team might be sidelined or working for Tyler now.

That concludes the NCIS recap for Gut Punch and we are left with a lot of questions before the season continues later this month.

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