NCIS plot hole: Abby and Gibbs fall victim to major photo blunder

NCIS viewers have witnessed a number of blunders over the course of the 17 seasons, but now fans have spotted a huge inconsistency within season five, concerning Agent Gibbs and his right-hand-woman Abby Sciuto.

NCIS unfortunately came to an early close during the latest season, as the ongoing coronavirus pandemic forced the show to an abrupt end. Now, fans of the CBS franchise have become enthralled by former seasons, and begun watching them once again.

However, during this ongoing rewatch fans have spotted some issues and inconsistencies within the show’s plot and continuity.

And most recently fans found a glaring technical issue within season five, episode seven – titled Requiem.

During the episode Abby Sciuto (played by Pauley Perrette) was testing out her new camera phone by taking photos of her colleagues around the office.

Among this flurry of snaps Abby took a papparazzi-style photo of Agent Gibbs (Mark Harmon) whilst he was walking down the corridor with a coffee.

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Abby later showed him the photo – but fans noted it was not the same photo they saw being snapped.

Speaking out about this issue, a fan wrote: “Abby takes a photo of Gibbs and Maddie. Gibbs has his coffee cup in his hand and Maddie is looking unhappy.

“When Abby hands Gibbs a hard copy of the picture, the coffee cup has gone and Maddie is smiling.”

The hardcopy of the photo Abby produces does indeed show Gibbs in a completely different pose as when the photo was taken.

Does this mean Abby was in fact taking more photos throughout the day, and saw Gibbs in the same corridor for a second time?

And if so, why did she choose to use this photo as evidence rather than the first one she took – the one viewers saw her taking?

Meanwhile, fans have also spotted a huge issue with one of the scenes which saw Gibbs going to meet Bishop (Emily Wickersham) back in season 12.

A Reddit user recently pointed out: “Can someone explain how Gibbs popped in to see Bishop in Oklahoma?

“They drive to Leavenworth and are back in Oklahoma for dinner???”

They went on to clarify: “I’m not from the states but this seems like an awfully long round trip.”

Viewers may know the two locations are quite a distance from one another, so it was certainly an odd choice for Gibbs to make.

Because of this, other fans on Reddit began hitting out at the mistake as well.

One wrote: “Honestly I just assumed that he flew there and then rented a car to drive to her house. Otherwise there’s no way at all.”

Another went on to say the journey may have been included in “TV time” – the fictional premise of having time move as fast as you want it to in fictional TV programmes.

They wrote: “The same way people drive across Los Angeles in just a few minutes to make an appointment or something… they use TV Time.”

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