‘NCIS’: Pauley Perrette Sends ‘All’ Her ‘Love’ to 1 Former Co-Star — and It’s Definitely Not Mark Harmon

NCIS alum Pauley Perrette walked away from the CBS procedural back in 2018 after 15 seasons. She didn’t go quietly, though, as she made some harsh accusations against star Mark Harmon (Leroy Jethro Gibbs). Perrette has made it clear she will never return to NCIS. But she did recently take to social media to send “all” her “love” to one of her former co-stars.

Abby Sciuto was a fan-favorite character on ‘NCIS’ for 15 seasons

For a decade and a half, Perrette was a fan-favorite on NCIS thanks to her portrayal of quirky forensic scientist Abby Sciuto. But a behind-the-scenes incident with Harmon — and the subsequent fallout — led to Perrette leaving the series.

Harmon regularly brought his dog Dave to the set, and one day the pooch ended up biting a crew member. The bite was bad enough that the crew member needed stitches, and it made Perrette feel unsafe.

But Harmon continued to bring his dog to the set, which didn’t sit well with Perrette. So, she called out her co-star for unprofessional behavior. The result — according to Vanity Fair — was that Harmon and Perrette agreed to no longer film together.

Pauley Perrette claims ‘he did it’

Following her exit from NCIS, Perrette took to Twitter to claim that the media was spreading lies about her. She also claimed that “he did it,” but she didn’t explain who “he” or “it” was. The assumption, however, was that she was talking about Harmon.

“There is a ‘machine’ keeping me silent, and feeding FALSE stories about me. A very rich, very powerful publicity ‘machine’. No morals, no obligation to truth, and I’m just left here, reading the lies, trying to protect my crew. Trying to remain calm. He did it,” Pauley tweeted on May 13, 2018.

Pauley Perrette still has love for one of her former ‘NCIS’ co-stars

Perrette has made it clear she is not a fan of Harmon, but she still has a lot of love for her former co-star Michael Weatherly (Tony DiNozzo). In honor of the actor’s 53rd birthday, Perrette took to Twitter to share some throwback pics and share a sweet message.

“All my love and everything I’ve got to my beloved brother @M_Weatherly on his birthday today,” Perrette wrote to her 705K followers. “Forever Family. Forever my beloved brother. #HappyBirthdayMichaelWeatherly LOVE YOU!”

Fans miss Abby Sciuto and Tony DiNozzo

Perrette left NCIS in 2018 and Weatherly’s exit was two years earlier. But fans are still missing both of their characters and would like to see them return. Many made that clear in their responses to Perrette’s birthday message for Weatherly.

“I miss you guys… [cry emoji],” one fan wrote. A second added, “You two are my favs.”

There has been a cast shake-up at NCIS ahead of season 19. However, there’s been no indication that Weatherly will be back for a cameo anytime soon. His character is in Paris with fellow fan-favorite Ziva David (Cote de Pablo) and their daughter.

Pauley Perrette retired from acting after ‘NCIS’

Perrette won’t be back, either. She told her Twitter followers after her exit that she would never return to NCIS because of Harmon.

“NO I AM NOT COMING BACK! EVER!  (Please stop asking?) I am terrified of Harmon and him attacking me. I have nightmares about it,” Perrette wrote.

She also told fans that she retired from acting after NCIS, but she appeared in one season of the CBS sitcom Broke (before it was canceled) because it was “important” and “beautiful.”

“Actually I retired after NCIS but BROKE was important, beautiful,” Perrette wrote. “I did my last dance & am proud of it! Everyone that knows me knew I was retiring right after. I’m proud of my work. I love you guys! I AM FREE!!! (To be the tiny little simple human I am!)”

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