How Pauley Perrette’s Net Worth Was Affected by Her Leave From ‘NCIS’

After 15 seasons, fan favorite Abby Sciuto (Pauley Perrette) left NCIS. Perrette reportedly received $200,000 per episode, making her exit unexpected. Rumors of on-set strife circulated, but the cause for her departure remained unknown.

Perrette’s net worth is $22 million, which she earned primarily from her acting career. Leaving NCIS resulted in a hefty income drop, however she did appear on the short-lived CBS sitcom Broke before announcing her retirement from acting in 2020.

She Was Earning $200,000 Per Episode on NCIS

NCIS star Pauley Perrette turned criminology knowledge into TV magic. The role of Abby Sciuto made her a household name, paying a cool $200,000 per episode. Her success wasn’t planned – acting’s high paycheck was the initial draw. Starting with commercials, Perrette landed a minor movie role after a chance encounter. “Who has $3,000?” she once said about commercial pay. That chance led to her career, proving sometimes the best opportunities come from unexpected places.

Pauley’s Net Worth is $22 Million.

Pauley’s $22 million net worth reflects her achievement. At 52, she’s built a name for herself, thanks in large part to her NCIS paycheck. While it may not compare to her former co-star Mark Harmon’s $100 million fortune, it is nonetheless significant.

But did you realize that Pauley isn’t only an actress? She is also a superb singer, having released several singles. One of her songs was even included on the official NCIS soundtrack, indicating that this multi-talented diva may have another source of income.

Her New Show Was Canceled, Therefore She Retired From Acting.

Pauley Perrette left her cr1me drama job to play the lead in CBS’s “Broke”. However, it was discontinued after one season. Soon later, Perrette announced her retirement from acting on Twitter. Leaving show business helped her identify actual friends. Perrette, like countless stars who retired before her, may have left Hollywood, but her famous role as Abby Sciuto will live on in the hearts of fans.

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