NCIS: Pauley Perrette Made A Significant Change to Abby Sciuto: ‘It Wasn’t Written Like That’


Pauley Perrette, best known for her role as Abby Sciuto on NCIS, revealed her considerable influence on the character’s characterization. Perrette, who played the forensic specialist for 15 seasons, said that she advocated for Abby’s Catholic faith to be included in the series. This facet of Abby’s character, particularly her upbeat temperament paired with her gothic appearance, added complexity and humor to the show’s run.

Perrette emphasized that Abby wasn’t originally written as a devout Catholic, but she advocated for the change upon joining the series. Her influence extended beyond NCIS, as she also discussed her role in the CBS sitcom Broke, where she requested an episode centered around prayer.

While Perrette has retired from acting, her role as Abby Sciuto remains a memorable part of the long-running series.

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