‘NCIS’: Pauley Perrette Feuded With Cote De Pablo, Long Before Her Claims About Mark Harmon

Pauley Perrette’s sh0ck1ng claims against NCIS star Mark Harmon have divided fans all across the board. The actress, who left the hit cr1me procedural after Season 15, took to Twitter with the claim that Harmon physically assaulted her on set. While we wait to see how CBS handles the situation, NCIS fans may be surprised to learn that Harmon is not the only person Perrette feuded with during her time on the show.

Pauley Perrette butts heads with Cote de Pablo

Back in 2013, Perrette got into a minor war with Cote de Pablo on social media. At the time, de Pablo had just confirmed that she was leaving the series. Shortly after the announcement, Perrette angered de Pablo’s fans by sharing a photo of herself rocking a t-shirt that read, “I love my job.”

According to Looper, some NCIS fans felt like the picture was an unnecessary dig at de Pablo, who reportedly contacted Pauley Perrette in person and asked her to stop commenting about her departure. Perrette stopped tweeting for several days until the drama d1ed down.

De Pablo, of course, returned to NCIS in the Season 16 finale, reprising her role as the fan-favorite character, Ziva. The actress is set to play a major role in the Season 17 premiere, and her return has sparked debates about what other characters might have cameos in the upcoming season. The talk of returning characters is what sparked Perrette’s recent tweets about Harmon, which has not gone over well with fans.

What did Pauley Perrette say about de Pablos’ exit?

Although she feuded with de Pablo, Perrette opened up about her departure in an interview in 2013. The actress admitted that she was going to miss de Pablo on the set and that her departure will be tough on their characters as well. She then added that de Pablo’s exit was emotional and that everyone on the show loves her dearly.

Perrette did not, unfortunately, address her reported feud with de Pablo, making it difficult to tell what they were really fighting about. De Pablo chose to opt out of her contract with CBS at the end of Season 10.

CBS offered the actress a huge contract to stay on the show, but she refused it. De Pablo later opened up about her exit and admitted that she did not like where the writers were taking her character. She also has refused to comment on her alleged feud with Pauley Perrette.

Why did de Pablo really leave ‘NCIS’?

There was a lot of speculation about why de Pablo decided to leave NCIS, especially considering her popularity on the show and the high ratings. Luckily, de Pablo went into great detail about why left the series in an interview in 2016.

The actress revealed that the writers had plans to move Ziva to Israel, something de Pablo thought was unfair for her character. She did not mention anything about Perrette and assured fans that her decision was purely a creative one.

De Pablo added that she would consider returning to the show if the writing improved and her character was given an interesting storyline. This past season, Ziva’s name kept cropping up as the show teased her possible return. Much to the surprise of fans, Ziva returned in all her glory in the Season 16 finale to warn Gibbs (Harmon) of an impending threat. We still do not know if de Pablo will eventually return to the show full-time or if her involvement will not go beyond Season 17.

Pauley Perrette bashes Harmon on social media

In light of all the surprise cameo talk, Perrette recently took to social media with some bombshell accusations about her former co-star, Harmon. In a since deleted tweet, Perrette told fans that she never plans on returning to the series because she does not feel safe around Harmon. She also alluded to the idea that Harmon physically assaulted her on set and that she was afraid to come to work because of the unsafe environment.

CBS has not responded to Pauley Perrette’s claims surrounding Harmon. NCIS is expected to return to the network this fall.

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  1. I think Pauley thinks she’s MORE than she is-Everyone says she’s so beautiful, she’s kind of pretty but not beautiful and when you watch all the old reruns to see how she is with Mark Harmon, I find it really had to believe her side of the story

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