Why Mark Harmon’s Son Won’t Play Young Gibbs in NCIS Prequel

In an unexpected decision, CBS has recast the part of young Leroy Jethro Gibbs in the upcoming NCIS prequel series, “NCIS: Origins.” Despite Sean Harmon’s outstanding performances as the character in the main show, Austin Stowell will play the major part. While details regarding the project remain unknown, production has begun, with Stowell confirmed as the new Gibbs. Stay tuned for this unique take on the iconic NCIS character’s early years, which will appear on CBS during the 2024-2025 TV season.

Behind the Recasting of Young Gibbs for NCIS: Origins – Why Not Sean Harmon?

The casting change for young Gibbs in the NCIS prequel, NCIS: Origins, has sparked curiosity among fans. While Sean Harmon, who previously portrayed the character, brought depth and resemblance to his father’s portrayal, the role has been taken over by a new face, Stowell. While reasons for the recasting remain unofficial, speculation points to Sean Harmon’s potential scheduling conflicts and CBS’s desire for a fresh take on the character. Stay tuned as the prequel unfolds with its new cast member!

Discover Sean Harmon’s Integral Role in the NCIS Gibbs Prequel!

Sean Harmon, despite not reprising his role as young Gibbs, remains a vital part of the NCIS prequel series. He co-executive produces with his father, Mark Harmon, indicating a family connection. His behind-the-scenes engagement shows he had a say in selecting his successor. Sean’s firsthand experience as Gibbs is important in training the new actor, Stowell, to take on the renowned role.

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