‘NCIS: Origins’ Chose Austin Stowell as Young Gibbs in Prequel About Character of Mark Harmon

CBS has found a young Leroy Jethro Gibbs! Austin Stowell has been cast to play the legendary character in the upcoming prequel series “NCIS: Origins.”

Set to premiere in the 2024-2025 season, “Origins” goes into Gibbs’ early years, providing a glimpse into his formative experiences as a budding special agent in 1991, long before the events of the original “NCIS.” Mark Harmon, who played Gibbs for 19 seasons, has joined as an executive producer and narrator, with his son, Sean Harmon, who will also produce.

The series follows Gibbs as he navigates his early career at the NIS Camp Pendleton office, working under the mentorship of NCIS legend Mike Franks. It promises to unveil previously untold aspects of Gibbs’ backstory, offering a fresh perspective even for die-hard fans of the franchise.

In addition to “Origins,” fans can look forward to a spinoff on Paramount+ that follows Tony and Ziva’s adventures throughout Europe. As the brand prepares to commemorate its 1,000th episode milestone in April with “NCIS,” anticipation for these new additions grows.

Is Austin Stowell the Perfect Fit for Young Gibbs in ‘NCIS: Origins’? 👍 Yes! 👎 No!

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