NCIS New Orleans real-life romance: Are any of the NCIS NOLA cast dating?

NCIS NEW ORLEANS returns to CBS in November. But fans are keen to know – are any of the cast dating in real life?

NCIS New Orleans will be returning soon with its seventh season of the crime-solving drama. However, ahead of this, fans have been keen to learn more about the cast of the series. This includes whether any are dating in real life or not.

Are any of the NCIS NOLA cast dating?

There have been plenty of romantic storylines on NCIS New Orleans in the past, much to the delight of fans.

This included the will they or won’t they dynamic between Sonja Percy (played by Shalita Grant) and Christopher LaSalle (played by Lucas Black).

Fans were desperate for the pair to get together before she exited the show.

As well as this, Sebastian Lund (Rob Kerkovich) has also had some romantic dynamics in the show, including his crush on Meredith Brody (Zoe McLellan).

However, she then moved on to Agent Russo (Ivan Sergei), though Sebastian would still ask after her.

As the head of the NCIS team, Dwayne Pride (Scott Bakula) has also had his fair share of romance on the show as well.

He has often had to juggle his relationship with his ex-wife Linda Pride (Paige Turco) as well as flirtations with other characters.

However, his biggest romance so far has been with Rita Devereaux (Chelsea Field) who Pride has been dating since season three.

Thanks to all of this romance on screen, many viewers have been left wondering if any of it translates to real-life as well.

While there are not many romances behind the camera, one of the major relationships on the show actually has a basis in reality.

Rita star Chelsea Field and Pride star Scott Bakula are actually married in real-life and have two children together.

The couple dated for 15 years before they got married in 2009.

As well as this, Bakula has even opened up about what it is like to have his wife on set.
He told CBS This Morning a few years ago: “I absolutely adore having her there. I’m very lucky.”

What’s more, she will be back starring in season seven of the show when it launches in November in a bigger role.

Ahead of the series returning, it was confirmed she was being made a series regular character.

The news was confirmed by CBS on Twitter back in September.

Alongside a picture of the pair, the network wrote: “It looks like Rita Devereaux will be spending more time with Pride and the team.

“Chelsea Field (wife of Scott) will be a series regular for Season 7 of #NCISNOLA!”

None of the other cast members in the series currently seem to be dating.

In fact, many of the other stars of the NCIS spin-off appear to be single.

This includes newbie Charles Michael Davis who plays Quentin Carter and is not currently in a relationship.

Sebastian actor Rob Kerkovich also does not appear to be dating anyone at the moment.

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