NCIS: Michael Weatherly Talks About His Departure From The Series And His Last Episode

FAREWELL – During a conference call with a panel of American journalists, Michael Weatherly opened up about his departure from “NCIS” and his last moments in the series. He promises fans a vibrant farewell.

We know it since January: Michael Weatherly is living his last moments in the team of the NCISseries. The actor had announced his departure on Twitter, surprising all fans. In an interview with American journalists, he explains: “When I announced my departure, the key for me was to give the writers enough time to write the release of my character from the series.”

“A great adventure”

The actor assures that it was an important decision to make: “I like Tony DiNozzo, but more importantly: I like NCIS. I’m a real fan of the show and the departure of my character must serve his plot.” He told U.S. reporters that he was not involved in discussions with reporters about how DiNozzo was going to leave the show, adding that he “really enjoyed this whole NCIS adventure, and all the styles that the show was able to explore for 13 seasons. The creative team has been great.”

Before the broadcast of the final episode on May 17, the actor gave some indications to journalists about the last moments of his character: “I discovered an aspect of DiNozzo that I did not know and that was never revealed. It surprised me, and I hope the fans will think, ‘Well****, did you see that scene?!’ after the episode. It was a challenging, exciting and fascinating moment for me, and I’m very proud of the work that was done on this last episode.”

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