Michael Weatherly Felt Mark Harmon Will Never Leave NCIS: ‘He is the Show Itself’

NCIS star Mark Harmon’s departure shocked fans, especially Michael Weatherly, who believed Harmon’s character, Leroy Gibbs, was irreplaceable.

Michael Weatherly Found It Difficult To Think Mark Harmon Would Ever Depart The Show.

Michael Weatherly was taken aback when Mark Harmon announced his departure from the show NCIS. Despite intermittent hints of Harmon’s departure, Weatherly, like others, never believed Gibbs, Harmon’s character, would meet such an end. Weatherly stressed Harmon’s crucial role, referring to him as the show’s franchise. In a subsequent interview, Weatherly acknowledged the unpredictable nature of NCIS but stated that risking Gibbs was unlikely given Harmon’s crucial role in the series. Weatherly couldn’t see Harmon leaving NCIS: New Orleans, where he also serves as an executive producer. He saw Harmon’s continuous participation as critical to the show’s success.

Mark Harmon Doesn’t Perceive Himself As The Dominant Figure On ‘NCIS’

Mark Harmon, the leading star of ‘NCIS,’ humbly shares credit for the show’s success, acknowledging the collective effort of the dedicated cast since its 2003 debut. “I’m not the big dog,” he modestly asserts, “I might be a dog. But there’s a lot of dogs.” Harmon’s recognition of the team’s contributions adds depth to the show’s triumph.

How Mark Harmon Felt About Remaining A Producer On ‘NCIS’ After Quitting The Show.

Mark Harmon’s exit from ‘NCIS’ does not mean the end of his involvement with the popular show. Even after saying goodbye to his character Gibbs, Harmon remained an executive producer. Harmon admitted in a candid interview with Parade that he had gone from being on set every day to managing production from a distance. He stressed the problems of preserving continuity and balance in the show’s dynamics, admitting that he is less engaged than he was during his active days on set. Harmon expressed faith in the team’s ability to negotiate adjustments and maintain the show’s momentum.

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