NCIS: Mark Harmon’s Gibbs Return Could Come Before His Prequel


Mark Harmon’s return as Leroy Jethro Gibbs on the main NCIS show may occur sooner than expected. Harmon just quit the series during NCIS season 19, while Gibbs relocated to Alaska. However, his exit might not be permanent.

Throughout its long run, NCIS has seen significant cast changes, but losing Harmon’s character is among the most notable. With Gibbs stepping away from the force, there’s potential for his return, especially considering the looming threat from the FBI.

Harmon is expected to narrate the new prequel series, which will air during the 2024-2025 television season. Due to his flexible schedule, he may reprise his role in NCIS season 21.

Fans eagerly await any updates on Harmon’s potential return to the main show, adding to the anticipation surrounding the franchise’s future.

Mark Harmon’s Gibbs Could Return In NCIS Season 21’s Ducky Tribute Episode.

Mark Harmon’s Gibbs might make a comeback in NCIS Season 21 for a tribute episode honoring the late David McCallum’s character, Donald “Ducky” Mallard. The episode will commemorate Ducky’s legacy and showcase his impact on the team. Harmon’s return could help solve a case and pay homage to his friend, compensating for Gibbs’ absence in Season 20.

Why Gibbs Should Return For Ducky’s NCIS Farewell Episode

Mark Harmon’s return on NCIS for Ducky’s farewell is significant. Their camaraderie as founding cast members lasts beyond the run of the play. Their friendship, which originated in the 1980s, lends depth to the series. Harmon’s heartfelt parting in the final episode highlighted their lasting bond.

It’s inconceivable for Gibbs not to return to honor his oldest friend, especially after McCallum’s character’s death. Even if Gibbs doesn’t join the investigation, his presence during Ducky’s final tribute is imperative. Harmon’s statement following McCallum’s passing aligns with Gibbs paying respects to his NCIS character.

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