NCIS: Los Angeles star Addresses the Delay in Callen and Anna’s Wedding: ‘Extremely Difficult’

Daniela Ruah, star of NCIS: Los Angeles, has spoken out about season 14 and explained why Callen and Anna’s wedding was postponed.

NCIS LA ended on a happy note for Callen (Chris O’Donnell) and Anna Kolchek (Bar Paly) after the two finally became engaged, but their wedding appears to be on hold. Daniela Ruah, an actress, revealed why the couple’s upcoming wedding was complicated.

Since they first met and eventually began dating in season seven, Callen and Anna’s wedding has been a long time coming.

Their romance has been rocky since they ran into problems at work, but things got even worse when Anna was arrested for the murd3r of a Russian cr1minal.

The couple eventually reunited after Anna escaped to save Callen’s father and relocated to Cuba after she was sentenced to nine years in prison.

However, after being kidnapped in Moscow, Anna was able to escape with the help of the NCIS and return to Los Angeles.

Callen had been preparing to propose to her for some time because he had been holding on to the ring.

During the season 13 finale, he eventually got down on one knee and proposed to Anna on the beach in front of their friends.

Viewers were ecstatic to see the couple take the next step in their relationship and eagerly anticipated their wedding.

The celebrations have yet to begin since NCIS returned in October, as Callen continues to put off discussions about the wedding.

Daniela Ruah, who plays Kensi Blye, discussed the couple’s relationship and the latest developments in their wedding planning.

“So, Anna keeps trying to set a date for their wedding, and Callen seems to be avoiding it at all costs,” she explained.

“At first, we were with her, wondering, ‘What’s going on?'” Then he finally reveals what the real problem is: Hetty’s (Linda Hunt) absence, and he’s still very attached to her.

“Callen is a skilled, intelligent, independent agent who’s gone rogue on several occasions, but there’s something about Hetty that keeps that umbilical cord tied.”

“And the fact that she’s gone makes it very difficult for him to live with not knowing everything about himself,” Daniela explained to

Despite the show’s return, Hetty was nowhere to be found; in season 13, she only made sporadic appearances.

However, after the premiere, the team’s concern for Hetty’s safety grew after learning that a body with Hetty’s ID had been discovered.

Fortunately for fans, it was revealed that Hetty had faked her d3ath, as the ID was found on the body of a child.

“Hetty has been an integral force within the agency and an especially important part of Callen’s past,” showrunner R Scott Gemmil said of Hetty’s return.

“As Callen begins to plan his upcoming wedding to Anna, he would like Hetty to be present.”

“The plan is to go rescue her and find out what she’s gotten herself into in Syria at some point, but we’re just trying to figure out when we can pull it off.”

“The goal is to get it done this season,” he told Variety.

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