‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ May Have Given a Subtle Indication of Potential Upcoming ‘Franchise Spinoff’

Just weeks before the first part of the NCIS: Los Angeles finale is set to air, there appears to be a suggestion from the popular series about a potential new spinoff franchise.

In the most recent episode of Precinct TV, it appears that the show may have included a “backdoor pilot” for a potential new series centered around cold cases. The episode features the NCIS team investigating the disappearance of a female Marine back in 2003 and introduces Agent Daisy Van Zant (played by Rose Abdoo), who leads the NCIS Cold Case Division.

With the help of Daisy, the NCIS: Los Angeles team successfully solved the case. It was discovered that the marine’s murd3rer was a father who was concerned about his son’s well-being. As Daisy was organizing the case files, she came across a vault filled with numerous evidence boxes. With a hint of exhaustion, she mentioned that there were still many more cases to be tackled.

The media outlet has reported that NCIS: Los Angeles was introduced as a “backdoor pilot” during the main NCIS show. However, the NCIS franchise has not yet made any announcements regarding the possibility of a new series being introduced.

NCIS: Los Angeles served as the inaugural spinoff in the NCIS franchise, followed by the launch of NCIS: New Orleans five years later. The New Orleans spinoff had a successful run from 2014 to 2021, and following its conclusion, NCIS: Hawaii made its highly anticipated debut.

LL Cool J has recently acknowledged that it hasn’t been difficult for him to bid farewell to ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’.

In the meantime, LL Cool J expressed to Entertainment Tonight that bidding farewell to NCIS: Los Angeles hasn’t posed a significant challenge for him.

The rapper and actor politely explained that it was not difficult at all. They expressed their gratitude towards CBS for doing a wonderful job with them and for the amazing 14-year run they had. They did not just have a short-term fun experience but a long-lasting and fulfilling one.

LL Cool J further expressed his appreciation for the show’s success, mentioning that the recent NCIS crossover had outstanding viewership. He reflected on the experience with gratitude, stating that he had no complaints and was simply impressed by the journey.

LL Cool J graciously acknowledged that Vanessa Lachey from NCIS: Hawaii had extended an invitation for him to appear on her show. He expressed gratitude for the offer and stated that he would consider it. There is a possibility that he may participate, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

LL Cool J shared that he’s currently working on his next album after NCIS: Los Angeles concludes. He mentioned that the record is of high quality and will be released through Def Jam, a division of Universal. He also expressed his appreciation for Q-Tip’s work on the album.

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