‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: Callen’s Engagement Might Be on Hold for a Long Time


It looked like NCIS: Los Angeles’ G. Callen and Anna were headed down the aisle. However, an unexpected revelation turned both their lives upside down. Here’s what Showbiz Cheat Sheet knows about the NCIS LA couple’s future.

Callen and Anna on ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’

Callen (Chris O’Donnell) and Anna (Bar Paly) have been in a relationship for a while now. During season 11, episode 21 (titled “Murder of Crows”), he hints he’s ready to take the next step with Anna. During a conversation with Sam, he says he wants to settle down with her and put down some roots. The following season, we see what Callen means. He was ready to get married and start a life with Anna.

During season 12, Anna reveals she has to leave so she can help rebuild neighborhoods in Los Angeles. However, when Callen shows up at her motel to surprise her, she’s nowhere to be found. The manager lets him know that no one has been there to help rebuild. Anna lied about what she was doing. It’s later revealed that Anna has been called to work on a mission with the Russians.

Will Callen and Anna ever get married?

Right now, things don’t look good for Callen and Anna. He feels like the trust between them has been shattered. NCIS Los Angeles star Chris O’Donnell spoke to TV Insider about the couple’s rocky relationship.

“It’s been hard enough for Callen to get himself to the point where he is ready to take the next step in life,” says O’Donnell. “He’s clearly in love with Anna and feels the time is right [to marry]. Unfortunately, the carpet has been pulled out from under him. He’s discovering he might not know the real Anna or [be able to] trust her. He has to put these questions aside and take care of the business at hand.”

What’s next on ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’

Callen is on a mission to help rescue is ex-girlfriend Joelle. She has been kidnapped by Katya. During the last episode, Callen received Joelle’s finger in the mail. She’s clearly in trouble, so he’s trying to get her back to safety.

During an interview with Good Day, O’Donnell says, “Forget the pandemic. He’s dealing with ex-girlfriends like you can’t believe, and all sorts of a tangled Russian storyline that he’s caught up in.”

O’Donnell says Callen has been going through a lot these days. “[Callen has been accused] of being a Russian spy,” says O’Donnell. “And [his] Russian girlfriend, [he] now [has] to use as bait to help out an ex-girlfriend. It’s a bit of a mess. It’s also one of these things where suddenly people are questioning Hetty’s role in raising [Callen] and that she had been grooming [him] for this job his whole life, which doesn’t make a ton of sense, but these are all things we’re learning.”

The NCIS: Los Angeles star says part of the “beauty” of a show like this is that the writers deposit small details about a character it the storyline and then they come back to it later. This helps build the story and it keeps viewers coming back for more.  

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