NCIS LA star Eric Christian Olsen makes a candid admission while being questioned about his family life


Eric Christian Olsen, star of NCIS: Los Angeles, spoke candidly about his life outside of the CBS drama on his wife’s podcast, The Mother Daze.

Sarah Wright Olsen, along with Teresa Palmer, welcomed her husband, NCIS Los Angeles star Eric, to the podcast in November. The husband and wife team opened up about their lives outside of acting, including how they’ve dealt with grief and parenthood, among other things. Teresa wasted no time in probing the CBS drama star’s mind, questioning him about the seemingly perfect lifestyle they share on social media.

“I think when we look at the Olsen family from Instagram, we get a certain perspective, it’s the highlight reel, it’s beautiful,” Teresa began the podcast episode.

“You guys are ridiculously beautiful, it’s unbelievable.” You’re both beautiful, and then you have these adorable children, and you’re just glamorous and cool and couple goals.

“You travel, you work; tell me about it because we see snippets and I want to know what it’s really like?” Give us what’s beneath that.”

Eric chimed in, mocking the question, saying, “That was such a Jason Bateman question, there were like 75 parts to it.”

“I think the first part of the question is, is the Instagram version of our life the same version that we live on a regular basis?” Eric replied candidly.


“Listen, I think we’ve all read the studies on Instagram and how dangerous it is for people’s mental health.”

“We see the chemical reaction to watching other people live the best versions of their lives versus the reality of ours.”

“So I think we do a pretty honest and authentic job of kind of the highs and the lows, but so much of our collective perspective is that life is spectacular but fleeting,” he continued, defending his and his wife’s output on the social media site.

“We’ve both seen a lot of loss in our lives so I think we’ve anchored – and we just had this conversation literally yesterday when I was in the shower – we’ve anchored sadness in some of those losses but therefore you really get to enjoy and celebrate all of those highs,” he continued.

“And it makes everything, I guess as a philosophy from my father, you celebrate the little things as well.”

“And if you find yourself consistently celebrating the little things, that’s just a really kind of wonderful way to live a life.”

“I think the Instagram version of it is that we’re both really honest about how we approach the world and each other, and I think we both agree that the highlights of our lives are these children and the adventures we get to go on.”

Halloween 2022. 📚✨Harry. Hermione. Malfoy. Hedwig. Professor Mcgonagall.


“I think about how fortunate we are to be able to do those things and to have jobs that we enjoy, and we are grateful for that.”

Sarah and Eric’s fan bases on Instagram are regularly updated, with Sarah boasting an impressive 223k followers.

Eric, on the other hand, shares updates with his 543k followers.

Over the years, the actors have openly shared their experiences with pregnancy, illness, and childbirth with their fans.

Olsen is still a regular on NCIS: Los Angeles, which is in its 14th season on CBS.

In January, he’ll also appear in a historic three-way crossover with the flagship drama and fellow spin-off NCIS Hawaii.

Sarah has also appeared in Spinning Out, Marry Me, Parks and Recreation, and Walk of Shame.

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