NCIS LA star Anna Kolcheck stuns Callen by dropping a huge Arkady wedding bombshell


The next episode of NCIS: Los Angeles will see Callen and Anna finalize their wedding plans, though a sneak peek at the episode reveals that it won’t be easy.

Anna’s (Bar Paly) and Callen’s (Chris O’Donnell) wedding is approaching, but in the sneak peek for NCIS: Los Angeles season 14, Unfortunately, it’s clear that the two aren’t on the same page. Callen and Anna meet with wedding planner Tara Walker (Rosanna Pansino) to discuss their wedding plans, but when Anna reveals that her father Arkady (Vyto Ruginis) will play an important role, Callen is furious.

The preview begins with Anna and Callen arriving at Tara’s office, where she begins to deliver her speech: “Marriage is between two people.

“I truly believe that the perfect expression of your love requires both of your involvement. So far, what have you come up with?”

“Well, we’ve been talking about it a lot,” Anna replies as she’s clearly ill-equipped to answer before branding the ordeal as “overwhelming”.

Tara then insists that the two shift all of the burden onto her so she can assist, but Anna and Callen appear to be at a loss for words as to what they want.

“As she says, we’ve been talking a lot about it. “We don’t have a theme,” Callen says, which surprises Anna.

As the two argue about how their wedding will look, Anna jokes that they could have a “western” theme with “cowboy boots,” before Anna insists, “We never talked about a theme!”


Tara notices the tension and attempts to redirect the conversation to the couple’s wedding priorities, but their opposing viewpoints emerge once more.

Anna emphasises “presentation” is top of her to-do list while Callen stands firm on his desire for “security”.

“You weren’t at Kensi’s (Daniela Ruah) and Deeks’ (Eric Christian Olsen) wedding,” Callen points out to Anna as Tara scrambles to get the engaged couple on the same page once more.

After assuring Callen and Anna the wedding will be “very safe”, Tara asks if they have a “officiant in mind”.

“Actually, my father expressed interest in becoming ordained in order to perform the ceremony,” Anna surprises her other half.

Callen can’t hide his amusement at Anna’s revelation, while Tara beams enthusiastically: “How special! It’s becoming more common for a friend or family member to do so.

“And it adds such a heartfelt and personal element to the ceremony,” she continues, before Callen interrupts and turns to Anna, asking, “Arkady?”


“It would mean a lot to him,” Anna says, but Callen is clearly not on board, repeating, “Arkady?”

“Do you have another person in mind?” Anna inquires, to which Callen responds, “Anybody else?”

Tara interrupts and grabs a pair of clipboards so Callen and Anna can write down everything they want rather than say it aloud.

But, given that Callen is clearly opposed to Arkady officiating their wedding, will he be able to talk Anna out of it before their big day?

Or will the refusal of Arkady to officiate prove too much of a stumbling block for the couple to overcome, casting doubt on their entire wedding?

With season 14 marking the series’ conclusion, the couple’s wedding day will have to take place before the series concludes, so fans will have to wait to see what happens and whether or not Arkady’s interruption will prevent Callen from saying “I do.”

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