NCIS L.A star Daniela Ruah Speaks About Bittersweet Change With A Famous Family Member: ‘We Did It’


Daniela Ruah is feeling every emotion right now, following the bittersweet finale of NCIS: Los Angeles, which ended this week after 14 years.

Daniela’s character, Kensi Blye, and Marty Deeks, played by her real-life relative, brother-in-law Eric Christian Olsen, found out they were expecting their first child in the final episode, New Beginnings.

This week, the co-stars have been sharing their feelings about the end of the show on social media, and on Wednesday, Daniela re-posted a sweet message from Eric, which read: “All the feels @danielaruah. “A stunning chapter has come to an end.”

“What a journey @ericcolsen..,” Daniela responded. We finished.”

The couple’s alter-egos, known as Densi by fans of the show, had a difficult journey to parenthood, so the show’s happy ending delighted viewers.


Daniela recently spoke to HELLO! about how her off-screen brother-in-law has helped her get through the grief of the final stages of filming. Kensi and Marty discovered the news just before Callen and Anna’s wedding.

“One scene that I thought was quite lovely, and has a personal touch to it that happened while we were shooting the scene,” she said, “was earlier in the season when Kensi is telling [husband Marty] Deeks how she wants to get back to giving attention to them as a couple and not always worry about parenting or their job.”

“Deeks is fading; he doesn’t understand what she’s writing! Then, at the end, he surprises her with flowers and concert tickets, and while we were filming that scene, Eric improvised something that made me cry.


“We already knew the show was going to end at that point, and it felt like we were all light switches in a room: as episodes are wrapped, those writers are done, and I imagined people metaphorically walking out of the room and switching off their lights until the last person switches it off, and it’s dark, and the show is over,” she recalled.

“So Eric improvises the line, ‘This feels like 10 years ago,’ and they left it in the cut because it worked really well, but what they didn’t leave was my actual crying when he said those words that I didn’t know he was going to say.”

“It was the weight of our friendship’s history, our partnership’s history, the history of meeting my husband and having my children on the show.” Eric and those words brought all of those nostalgic feelings to a head for me at that moment.”

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