NCIS L.A Season 14 Finale Changes Explained After Cancellation – ‘The Situation Would Have Been Different’


R. Scott Gemmill, showrunner of NCIS: Los Angeles, discusses what would have happened if the show had continued after season 14, mentioning a few major changes.

R. Scott Gemmill, showrunner of NCIS: Los Angeles, discusses what would have happened if the long-running series had continued past season 14. The NCIS: LA series finale ended with wedding bells and a lot of emotion, as Chris O’Donnell’s G. Callen married Bar Poly’s Anna Kolcheck. That plot allowed the popular procedural to take a victory lap, gathering its ensemble and allowing them to share some poignant final scenes together.

In a post-season finale interview with TV Insider, Gemmill was asked what the NCIS: Los Angeles season 14 finale would have looked like if it hadn’t also been written as a series finale. The showrunner and executive producer indicates in his response, which is included below, that the Callen and Anna wedding would not have happened yet. He also mentions a significant shift involving Kensi (Daniela Ruah):

I’m not certain. I believe we would still be discussing wedding plans, and I’m not sure if Kensi would have gotten pregnant. To be honest, I believe a lot of things would have been different, because some of those have long-term consequences that we would have had to deal with.

Why Was NCIS: Los Angeles Cancelled (And Will It Return?)

NCIS: Los Angeles has a distinct history. The NCIS spinoff built a loyal audience during its run, which ended with 323 episodes. The decision to end the series was reportedly financially motivated by CBS, given the drama’s high cost, but the news was delivered with enough time for showrunner R. Scott Gemmill to craft a satisfying ending. For example, Gemmill mentions the finale’s big wedding, which was one way the series provided closure.


One reason for optimism is the programming decisions made by CBS. NCIS: Los Angeles is the network’s fifth longest-running scripted primetime series, trailing only Gunsmoke, Lassie, CSI, Cr1minal Minds, and the original NCIS. Among these, two shows, CSI and Cr1minal Minds, have been revived. Even if that doesn’t happen, there is another way for the Los Angeles team to return to the larger NCIS franchise.

Given that the original NCIS has been renewed, along with NCIS: Hawaii, it’s possible that fan favorites from NCIS: Los Angeles will appear in future crossovers. For the time being, Gemmill and the rest of the writing team have crafted a goodbye that has fulfilled many of the audience’s wishes that have accumulated over the course of several seasons. It’s an appropriate send-off for a spinoff with a quietly impressive legacy.

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