NCIS L.A actor Eric Christian Olsen is Preparing To Debut a New Look


A few weeks have passed since the conclusion of production on NCIS: Los Angeles, and Eric Christian Olsen is already showcasing a brand-new look.

Following the wrap party, the actor revealed a notably shorter hairstyle than his well-established on-screen persona.

Olsen recently shared with Parade that the experience of having long hair on the show is not something he’ll fondly reminisce about.

In fact, he expressed his intention to take things a step further by shaving his hair even shorter in the future.

This departure from his character’s signature look marks a personal change for Olsen, signaling a fresh chapter as he moves beyond the NCIS: Los Angeles set.

“I’m going to cut it.” “I’m going to shorten it,” he said. “Did you watch the last six months?” It’s been becoming shorter and shorter.

I understand how emotionally invested folks are in that hair, but I’m going to cut it.”

There could possibly be a very solid explanation for Olsen’s new style.

The NCIS star is now an executive producer on the upcoming Matlock remake. Kathy Bates will play the lead in the series.

Olsen also scripted a couple episodes of NCIS: Los Angeles in addition to acting.

Although he is working behind the scenes on the new program, Olsen is unsure whether he will create any episodes for the revival.

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