NCIS L.A Actor Eric Christian Olsen, Commemorates An Emotional Day in His Family: ‘We Couldn’t Wait Any Longer’


Since the end of NCIS: Los Angeles in May, Eric Christian Olsen and wife Sarah Wright Olsen have been devoted to spending more time with each other and their three children.

The pair has been married for 11 years and has three children: Wyatt, nine, Esme, six, and Winter, who recently turned three.

Sarah, 39, took to Instagram to share a photo of her husband, 46, adoring his daughter while holding her in his arms in honor of their youngest’s special day.

The actress used the caption to describe their emotional path to become parents for the third time, highlighting the difficulty of her pregnancy and their strong desire for a third child.

“This is number 3,” she wrote. “I told her tonight that she was magical, and she replied, ‘I know I have my powers.’ “She’s our rainbow child.”

“We thought about her, prayed for her, dreamed of her for so long,” Sarah continued. We drew names on a small chalkboard and voted on them…

We couldn’t wait for her wedding. It’s a pregnancy and birth I’ll remember for the rest of my life.

“I can still feel everything in my body.” She arrived 11 days after her due date, and by the evening, we were at home with her in our bed. Since then, her abilities have been magical. Winter Story, happy birthday.”

“Happy birthday to my little fairy angel who gives the best hugs,” said their family friend Nikki Reed, who recently delivered her own second child with Ian Somerhalder. We adore you, Wintieee! So much [love], and happy birthday, mama!!”


Eric’s birthday comes only months after he made his final appearance as Marty Deeks on NCIS: LA, which ended in May.

The actor was a member of the cast since the show’s debut in 2009, and its cancellation after 14 years on the air made it the second spin-off of the NCIS multiverse to end after NCIS: New Orleans.

However, a new spin-off, NCIS: Sydney, will premiere in November.

Winter most recently appeared in her father’s revelatory post recounting the post-NCIS: LA days when the entire family contracted C0v1d this July, but Eric rarely publishes on his own social media, with Sarah being the more active one.


He captioned a photo of himself doing a yoga stretch while his daughter sat on his back, “Day one of C0v1d.” It went downhill quickly from here.

The next two days were spent on the floor. I tried to watch Puss and Boots but couldn’t follow the plot.

“Winter saw floating figures in the ceiling. During fleet week, Wyatt puked like an Ensign. @swrightolsen manages to appear like a supermodel even while her bones crumble.

We all avoided it for three years, but when it came for us, it had no regard for our arrogance.”

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  1. You made a good choice sir. My father was in the Royal Navy (UK) and after I was born my mother had TB and was in a sanotorrium for 7 years, children not allowed

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