‘NCIS’ Is Attracting Massive Streaming Numbers As Fans Eagerly Await Season 21

While NCIS fans wait for Season 21, the series is doing exceptionally well on streaming. According to Nielsen, the long-running CBS procedural ranked fifth for the week of August 15, drawing 775 million minutes. The figures come from both Netflix, where the first 15 seasons are available, and Paramount+, where all 20 seasons are available. With 443 episodes, that’s a lot of time to watch and a lot of episodes to watch.

Even though the show has been on the air for 20 years, the news comes as no surprise. CBS was reported to have won a major ratings victory for the 2022-23 season for the 15th consecutive year in June. Aside from sports, NCIS was the “clear winner” in the category of scripted programs. The series was the most-watched broadcast network during primetime, with 5.96 million people per night. Despite a decline in viewership from the previous season, the series was still quite good. That dominance is still in effect today.

Despite the fact that NCIS is in its 21st season and has seen cast members come and go, including Mark Harmon, it appears that viewers are still turning in. It’s also not stopped people from revisiting some of the procedural’s best moments while they wait for the new season. Streaming is also likely keeping people entertained. With the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, it’s unclear when the D.C. NCIS team will return. Watching 20 seasons of a show will undoubtedly keep fans occupied for some time, especially if they chose to stream the rest of the NCIS franchise.

NCIS fans will still have something to look forward to on CBS’ 2023 fall schedule. To mark the 20th anniversary, there will be replays of the mothership series as well as a special mini-marathon. Meanwhile, the network sh0cked fans by announcing NCIS: Sydney. The next installment in the franchise and the first international spinoff will premiere in the United States on November 13th, after NCIS. Fans of the franchise will never get enough of their favorite NCIS special agents, whether on TV or streaming.

Even if new episodes of NCIS may not air for a long, viewers can still watch the show on Netflix or Paramount+. Reruns will also be shown on CBS through the end of the year. This will be followed shortly by the premiere of NCIS: Sydney.

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