‘NCIS’: How the Show Is Faring Since Mark Harmon’s Departure

Mark Harmon has been gone from NCIS for four months. And your favorite agents are still figuring out how to live in the post-Gibbs world. The ratings have remained stable. The new episode, “Fight or Flight,” aired on Monday and drew 7.4 million viewers. This is NCIS’s largest audience since October 18. That was also the first episode with Gary Cole’s Alden Parker as the special agent in charge.

So, how is NCIS adjusting in the absence of Gibbs? First, let’s take a step back and go over some of the background information. To kick off the 19th season, Harmon did a four-episode arc. Gibbs made a decision about his complicated career after pursuing a hitman and determining who was paying him.

He and McGee were in Alaska with Parker. Gibbs took McGee fishing, just like he and his father used to do. And he told McGee (Sean Murray) why he chose to stay in Alaska. McGee has lost a mentor and a father figure, but he has dealt with Gibbs’ absence so far.

Torres, on the other hand, cannot be said to be in the same league (Wilmer Valderrama). There are now rumors that Valderrama will be the next to depart from NCIS. Torres is clearly in a funk, as evidenced by the events of Monday’s “Fight or Flight.”

Torres abruptly canceled plans with his coworkers. He’s paranoid, fearful that Parker will fire him or his partner, Jess. He then volunteers to work as a cage fighter in an underground fight club. Torres’ first match was against a man who appeared to be an NFL middle linebacker, so it appeared Torres had a d3ath wish.

Torres hasn’t been in a good mental state since Gibbs left, the agents discover. Torres even stated to Jess, “We’re colleagues, not friends.” On the job, we’re supposed to have each other’s backs, and that’s it.”

As a result, at the end of the episode, Jimmy spoke with Torres.

“You feel abandoned, as if you’ve been left behind.” “Trust me, I understand,” Jimmy said, admitting that he is still angry at his wife for dying.

“Every now and then, people leave,” Jimmy explained. “Even fathers,” he says. And it has absolutely nothing to do with you.”

Writers are gradually defining Parker. He’s far more technologically savvy than Gibbs. His musical tastes are influenced by David Bowie. Parker, the former FBI agent, did some research on his new coworkers and discovered that both Jess and McGee used to be track stars.

Parker also enjoys breakfast pastries, particularly international ones, and brings them to work. Parker is also old school when it comes to Star Trek references. He even used the show’s iconic theme song to disguise himself as he sent out an SOS.

Gibbs is still mentioned on NCIS from time to time. In the episode “Pledge of Allegiance,” he played a role in the plot. That was the first episode of NCIS after the holiday break. McGee and Jimmy both received some unidentified cash in their checking accounts within the hour. It turned out that the money came from Gibbs. For years, he’d been assisting in the funding of college funds for other agents. In memory of his daughter, he did so.

So Gibbs is still very much a part of NCIS, even when he isn’t with his agents on screen.

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