‘NCIS: Hawaii’: When Will Fans Find Out Who Is Joining the Cast?

Back in February 2021, reports emerged claiming that NCIS was adding another spinoff to the franchise. The news that NCIS: Hawaii was in the works came as CBS announced it was canceling NCIS: New Orleans after seven seasons.

But ever since those initial reports, the network has refused to comment about the Aloha state spinoff. When will fans find out who will be part of the NCIS: Hawaii cast?

The ‘NCIS: Hawaii’ deal is still being finalized

The first reports of the NCIS: Hawaii spinoff came from Deadline and The Hollywood Reporter on February 16. Both claimed that the spinoff was in the works, but details were few and far between because the deal is still being finalized.

The one detail that appears to be a sure thing is that the executive producers/showrunners of NCIS: New Orleans, Christopher Silber and Jan Nash, will have the same roles on Hawaii.

CBS still has a production base in the Aloha state

Hawaii is the perfect place for an NCIS spinoff because they already have a production base in place. For ten seasons, CBS filmed Hawaii: Five-0 in Honolulu on the island of Oahu. The production team turned the warehouse at the former Honolulu Advertiser building into the official soundstage studio.

During Hawaii Five-0’s run, CBS also added another Hawaii-based drama, Magnum PI, to their primetime lineup. With Magnum still on the air, there is a possibility for a crossover with NCIS: Hawaii after it premieres.

Who will join the cast of ‘NCIS: Hawaii’?

Unfortunately for fans, it’s not clear when CBS will confirm that NCIS: Hawaii is in the works. Or, when they will announce a main cast. When the spinoff reports first appeared, insiders claimed the network was looking to hire the show’s staff writers. They were also looking for a pilot director.

The only other bit of staff news was that Silber and Nash would be working with SEAL Team writer-producer Matt Bosack. And, unlike previous NCIS spinoffs, insiders claim that Hawaii will not be introduced via a backdoor pilot.

Fans have a lot of theories

Even though NCIS: Hawaii is supposed to be about a brand new team of agents, many fans are hoping there will be at least one or two familiar faces. The biggest fan theory on social media – by far — is that the new spinoff will be the perfect opportunity to see the return of Ziva David (Cote de Pablo) and Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly).

De Pablo starred on the flagship series for eight seasons, but said goodbye to the procedural in season 11. She briefly returned for a few episodes at the end of season 16 and the beginning of season 17.

Weatherly was an OG who left NCIS after season 13. He went on to star in the CBS courtroom drama Bull, but it has yet to be picked up for another season.

Will ‘NCIS: Hawaii’ star an actor from ‘Hawaii Five-0’?

Another popular fan theory is that Hawaii Five-0 alum Katrina Law could be heading up the new NCIS: Hawaii team. She is currently starring as NCIS React Special Agent Jessica Knight on the flagship series.

Some fans think this could be the network’s way of introducing her to NCIS fans before shipping her off to Hawaii to lead her own team. Others think that she might stay in Washington DC and replace Leroy Jethro Gibbs if Mark Harmon ends up leaving NCIS.

CBS has kept extremely tight-lipped about the fate of NCIS, as well as their plans for NCIS: Hawaii. At this point, everything is up in the air. But answers should be coming soon.

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