‘NCIS’: Gibbs on His Fate: ‘There’s More to Life Than a Job’

NCIS fans are waiting anxiously for Gibbs (Mark Harmon) to return to the agency. However, it doesn’t seem like he’s in any rush to get his badge and gun back. An exchange he has with McGee (Sean Murray) says everything Gibbs has been thinking.

Why Gibbs was suspended

Gibbs was suspended during NCIS Season 18 Episode 10 (titled “Watchdog”). He was so overcome with anger after learning that a suspect might have drowned dogs in a lake near his home. Before questioning the man, he charged at him and nearly beat him to death. Gibbs’ team tried to help him out by lying and saying the suspect tripped and fell, but it was clear they were lying.

Gibbs wouldn’t apologize for his actions, so Vance decided to suspend him indefinitely. No one knows exactly when he will be allowed to return to work.

Gibbs isn’t rushing to get back to work

During NCIS Season 18 Episode 12 (titled “Sangre”), McGee visits Gibbs at home. He notices that he’s been keeping busy by working on his boat. After some small talk, McGee lets Gibbs know he spoke to Vance about his suspension. “I talked to Vance about your suspension,” says McGee.

“That article that was written about you—it turns out it’s going to be a big help to us,” continues McGee. “By coming clean about the suspension, NCIS proved they’re not afraid to clean their house a little. So, Vance said once things calm down there’s a chance you can come back soon.”

Gibbs says it’s not up to him, but McGee says it’s a positive development. “Either way, it’s a good thing, right?” asks McGee. “You’ve been stuck at home for three weeks; you must be climbing the walls by now.”

McGee tells Gibbs what he thinks is good news—he might be able to return to the agency. However, Gibbs has a surprising response. He says he hasn’t been climbing the walls. According to him, he hasn’t really been affected by being banned from work.

“Not really,” replies Gibbs. “I put off a lot of things. Now, I have time to get them done.” When McGee asks if he misses the job, Gibbs says his work isn’t his life. “There’s more to life than a job,” he says.

Gibbs seems lost without work

Although Gibbs tells McGee he doesn’t really miss work, he seems like he’s having a tough time looking for things to do. He has been busy with his boat, but other than that, there isn’t much going on in his life. In one scene, Gibbs runs into reporter Marcie Warren (played by his wife, Pam Dawber) at the diner.

At first, she thinks Gibbs is at the diner because he wants to retract what he said in her article. However, he tells her that’s not why he’s there. According to him, he just wants coffee and pie. He then asks if Marcie is working on anything new. Marcie says she knows why he’s really there, and it’s not to talk about her articles.

“I don’t buy it,” she says. “I think you’re bored. I’ve seen that look on a lot of cops who have just retired. You don’t have enough to do.”

Gibbs has a look on his face that seems to confirm what she said. However, he feels compelled to defend himself by saying he’s just there for the pie. We think Marcie might be right. Gibbs isn’t itching to get back to work, but he’s definitely not entertained at home. Will he return to NCIS part time?

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