The Hidden Fact About Gibbs’s Name That Only Hardcore NCIS Fans Know

Did you know? Mark Harmon, renowned for his role as Leroy Jethro Gibbs in NCIS, holds a special secret about his character’s name. While Harmon’s illustrious career spans decades, it’s his iconic portrayal of Gibbs that truly shines, spanning 18 seasons and over 400 episodes.

But here’s the kicker: the origin of Gibbs’ name is disclosed in only one episode, a piece of trivia treasured by hardcore NCIS fans. Dive into the heart of this great series and discover hidden gems that even the most devoted fans may have overlooked!

There is More Than One ‘Leroy Jethro’ in NCIS Legend.

In a revealing twist in Season 10, Episode 5 titled “The Namesake,” NCIS fans are treated to a glimpse of Gibbs’ past. The stoic investigator’s name finds its roots in Leroy Jethro Moore, a World War II veteran and close friend of Gibbs’ father. Played by the iconic Billy Dee Williams, Moore’s influence from the Pacific Theater inspired both Gibbs’ father to name his son after him and Gibbs himself to join the Marines. This intriguing backstory, shared only once in the show, adds a deeper layer to Gibbs’ character for dedicated fans to cherish.

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