Fans’ Questions About GIBBS Have Been Answered

Fans of “NCIS” were devastated when beloved character Leroy Jethro Gibbs, played by Mark Harmon, announced his retirement in the 19th season’s fourth episode, “Great Wide Open.” While Gary Cole performed brilliantly in the role, many felt Gibbs’ exit was abrupt, given his iconic stature on the show. This wasn’t the first time Gibbs pondered leaving; he quit after a t3rrorist strike before returning. With Harmon hinting at a probable departure and Gibbs approaching 70, curiosity about his future grew.

Wilmer Valderrama’s Instagram post announcing the show’s return sparked fan disappointment and queries about Gibbs’s whereabouts. Despite hopes for his comeback, the likelihood in Season 19 seemed slim. However, creators haven’t ruled it out entirely, leaving the door open for future appearances.

Gibbs’ retirement to Alaska, where he makes yachts, has led followers to doubt his motivations, particularly his propensity of burning his inventions. Theories suggest that it helps him relax and represents closure in previous relationships, particularly with his daughter Kelly.

Another mystery surrounding Gibbs was how he got his boats out of his basement. Finally revealed in Season 19, Gibbs removed them through a hidden wall panel, delighting fans who had long speculated about the logistics.

Gibbs’ penchant for strong coffee, which is sometimes mistaken for Starbucks, is a defining feature of his character. While Harmon does not drink coffee on set, his portrayal of Gibbs’ coffee addiction is a favorite feature of the character.

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