NCIS: What is in Gibb’s Coffee Cup..?

Over the course of 18 seasons and over 400 episodes, NCIS has seen a slew of characters come and go. But Mark Harmon in the role of Leroy Jethro Gibbs has remained a constant throughout.

Because there have been so many episodes, fans have had numerous opportunities to get to know the character and all of his quirks. There’s also a chance that some details were overlooked by fans. Everything you need to know about Gibbs, including what’s in his coffee cup, is right here.

The Special Agent in Charge of ‘NCIS’ is A Former Marine.

The head of ‘NCIS,’ Gibbs, is a former Marine. He started as a military police officer, then became a scout sniper, retiring as a Gunnery Sergeant. Fluent in multiple languages including Mandarin, Japanese, Russian, and American Sign Language, his military experience adds depth to his role in the civilian investigative service.

Gibbs Has A Lot of Rules

Gibbs, from “NCIS,” adheres to a set of rules inspired by his late wife Shannon. The actual number is unknown, but it is consistent with his activities. He occasionally revises guidelines based on experience. For example, Ellie Bishop breached the norm of not getting personally involved in a lawsuit and was successful. In the season 18 finale, Gibbs disclosed rule 91: “When you decide to walk away, don’t look back,” implying his desire to leave, but he eventually stays.

The ‘NCIS’ Lead Character Has A Thing for Coffee

Gibbs from ‘NCIS’ loves his coffee, a trait that evolved as the series progressed. He starts his day with a strong, black cup, either brewed at home or from a trusted coffee vendor. He’s a man of few words, known for his straight-shooting demeanor, passion for cooking steaks, and boat-building hobby. The NCIS vending machine? Not an option for Gibbs’ coffee fix.

Leroy Jethro Gibbs Has Been Married Four Times

Leroy Jethro Gibbs, a character on the television series NCIS, has a turbulent romantic history. His first wife Shannon and daughter Kelly were tragically murd3red in a car accident. Diane Sterling and Rebecca Chase were his second and third wife, respectively. Both marriages failed, with Rebecca cheating on Gibbs. Stephanie Flynn, his fourth wife, left because he was obsessed with apprehending a serial k1ller. Furthermore, he was engaged to Ellen Wallace, who died the night before 9/11.

“Original ‘NCIS’ Cast Member Named After Father’s Friend”

Gibbs from ‘NCIS’ was named after his father’s friend and business partner, Leroy Jethro “LJ” Moore. They met while working in coal mines and served in WWII together. Despite a falling out after Gibbs’ mother passed away, they reconciled before their deaths.

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