‘NCIS’: Gibbs and Sloane Go on a Mission: ‘She Doesn’t Go Without Gibbs’

It’s almost time for NCIS fans to say goodbye to Jack Sloane (Maria Bello). Before she packs up her boxes, she will go on an important mission with Gibbs (Mark Harmon). Here’s what to expect on this week’s NCIS episode.

Sloane and Gibbs are on a mission

During NCIS Season 18, Episode 8 (titled “True Believer”) Sloane receives a troubling message from someone she knows in Afghanistan. She decides she must travel there and intervene. However, she’s not comfortable making the trip without Gibbs. During an interview with TV Insider, Bello explains more about the motivation for her sudden trip.

“Someone who Sloane became close with when she was being held captive leaves her a note in Afghanistan,” says Bello. “And Sloane feels indebted to this woman who helped to save her life. [She wants] to go back and help and see what she can do.”

Jack Sloane has a traumatic connection to Afghanistan

Sloane was held captive in Afghanistan when she was in the army, so this will likely be a difficult trip for her to take. Director Vance was instrumental in freeing Sloane from her captors. “She went through a really hard time,” Bello tells TV Insider.

Although Sloane had a tough time in Afghanistan, Bello says she knows she has to go. “Of course, she doesn’t go without Gibbs going,” adds Bello. They want to do this mission together.

Will a relationship develop between Gibbs and Sloane?

Since Gibbs and Sloane will be traveling together, will they have a special moment? Will they reveal romantic feelings for each other? Bello says Gibbs and Sloane have been friendly over the last couple of seasons. According to her, this episode will continue to show the love the two characters have for each other.

“As you’ve seen over the last three and a half years, Gibbs and Sloane have become pals,” says Bello. “They really like each other, they really respect each other, they really trust each other, they have a good sense of humor between them. And I think it’s been teased a lot. Some people were like, ‘Were they really sleeping together? Was there a romance? Who knows if that question will ever be answered. But it’s safe to say it will be a continuation of that great love they have for each other.”

One thing Bello says she knows is that Sloane will have a great exit. She says the producers wanted to give Sloane “an honorable exit.” She tells TV Insider they “did a heck of a job.”

‘NCIS: Hawaii’ is reportedly in the works

If you just can’t get enough NCIS, you’re in luck. It has been reported that NCIS: Hawaii is in the works. According to The Hollywood ReporterNCIS: New Orleans showrunner Chris Silber will be heading up the new series. The publication also says writers are being hired for the show. Right now, there’s no word on whether NCIS will be renewed for season 19.

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