NCIS: Gary Cole Wants Fans to Know One Thing – ‘I’m Not Trying to Be’ Gibbs

Gary Cole (Alden Parker), a newcomer to NCIS, has big shoes to fill on TV’s most-watched drama. Cole’s character has taken over as Leroy Jethro Gibbs’ replacement and is now leading the team, now that Mark Harmon’s Leroy Jethro Gibbs has left.

But the veteran actor wants NCIS fans to know one thing: he’s not trying to be Gibbs.

Mark Harmon Left ‘NCIS’ in The Fourth Episode of Season 19

Mark Harmon left ‘NCIS’ in season 19, episode 4. Fans anticipated Gibbs’ diminished position, but did not expect him to depart the squad permanently. In the episode, Gibbs and McGee look into a contract killer case in Alaska. Gibbs resolves to stay behind to maintain peace while McGee travels to Washington, D.C.

In Episode 2, Fans Met Gary Cole’s Alden Parker.

In episode 2, Gary Cole’s Alden Parker was introduced as an FBI agent undercover. Gibbs recommended him to lead the team after McGee declined. Cole’s addition as a series regular signaled his move from the FBI to NCIS.

Gary Cole Wants ‘NCIS’ Fans To Understand One Thing.

Gary Cole, known for his recurring roles, acknowledges the difficulty of going into a series like ‘NCIS’ but emphasizes that his approach is not based on mimicry. According to the writers, he wants to feel at ease in the part without trying to be like his predecessor.

Parker and Gibbs Are Diametrically Opposed Characters.

Parker and Gibbs are polar opposites. Cole describes Parker as the new team leader at NCIS, unlike the silent, stoic Gibbs. While Parker admires Gibbs, he’s more vocal and tech-savvy, trying to blend in with the team. He’s not afraid to bend the rules, but we’ll see if he crosses the line.

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