‘NCIS’: Find Out Who Played Tony DiNozzo’s Father in Classic Characters

Tony DiNozzo always addressed his father as Senior. Even after Michael Weatherly left NCIS, producers insisted on keeping the father on the show.

So why not? Robert Wagner, who plays Anthony DiNozzo Sr., is an incredible actor. His NCIS character was a lot like Wagner in real life: suave, handsome, and popular with the ladies. Senior, on the other hand, was a bit of a con, especially when it came to pretending to be wealthy. We’re assuming Wagner, who has appeared on TV shows such as It Takes a Thief and Hart to Hart, doesn’t need to pretend he’s rich. All of this is true for Wagner’s real life in terms of women. He was married to Natalie Wood twice.

Wagner was most recently seen in the Austin Powers films.

NCIS casts well-known actors to play the relatives of the show’s stars.

NCIS enjoys bringing in special guest stars to play the agents’ relatives. Ralph Waite played Gibbs’ father. Waite was best known to Americans as John Sr. on The Waltons. James Garner was supposed to play Mark Harmon’s character’s father in a recurring role. However, Garner suffered a stroke prior to filming. Meanwhile, Billy Dee Williams portrayed Gibbs’ father’s best friend and the character’s namesake.

Ziva’s father was played by Michael Nouri. Patricia Richardson played McGee’s mother-in-law just this season.

Wagner made his series debut in 2010

But let us return to Wagner. He made quite an impression on NCIS, having appeared in 13 episodes. Wagner first appeared as Senior in the episode Flesh and Blood, which aired in January 2010. Agents were attempting to determine who was attempting to assassinate a Saudi prince.

Wagner’s final appearance on NCIS occurred in March 2019. It’s worth noting that this is three years after Weatherly left the show. Senior is also Jimmy’s father-in-poker law’s buddy in Bears and Cubs.

Wagner is now 91 years old. Anyone who saw the Bears and Cubs episode knows that was his last acting gig. Wagner, on the other hand, is working on The Trouble with Billy, which is currently in post-production, according to IMDB. His name is also associated with the upcoming disaster film, SuperSonic. Wagner is capable of directing disaster films. He was, after all, a member of The Towering Inferno, which defined the disaster genre in the early 1970s.

NCIS fans would love to see Wagner return to the set. They’re also hoping to see Michael Weatherly reprise his role. Weatherly left NCIS but remained with CBS. He plays the lead character in Bull, which is based on Dr. Phil when he was a jury consultant.

CBS announced late last fall that this would be Bull’s final season. Weatherly was fired from NCIS, but he was not murd3red. Tony, on the other hand, left D.C. to raise the daughter he had with Ziva, who had d1ed in an expl0sion. However, NCIS fans are aware that Ziva did not d1e. She’d gone deep undercover to find out who had attempted to murd3r her. It would be wonderful to see Tony and Ziva return.

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