NCIS Finale Trailer Teases Terrifying Twist in Torres’s Death As Undercover Operation Goes Wrong

A gripping promo for NCIS’ season 20 finale hinted at a life-threatening undercover mission for Torres.

NCIS, CBS’ long-running procedural drama, will conclude this month with the premiere of its final episode on Monday, May 22.

Fans can expect things to heat up as agent Nick Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) embarks on an undercover mission in the season 20 finale.

In addition to an elaborate Russian collusion investigation, the promo for Black Sky teases a perilous ending for the beloved agent.

Although NCIS is no stranger to prison time, Torres’ operation could take a dangerous turn after a major power outage.

The promo clip revealed that the agent was being escorted into his cell while his colleagues inquired about his well-being.

Agent Jessica Knight (Katrina Law) inquired of Alden Parker (Gary Cole), “How’s Torres doing?”

He replied cryptically, “Well, he made it through the night.”

Despite this, Torres was in for a rough ride in prison, where he was thumped while attempting to fight off a fellow prisoner.

Torres can be seen working out in another video, but his workout is cut short when a convict approaches him from behind.

As Knight could be heard saying, “Terr0rist att4cks after terrifying,” an unidentified prisoner held up a shank.

Torres may be in danger in either case, because if his cover is blown, he will become a major target and may be stabbed to d3ath.

Torres, on the other hand, may be jeopardizing his career and possibly his life if he is behind the knife.

As Knight revealed her plan to counter terr0rist att4cks, things could get very dark for the undercover agent.

“The plan is to knock out electricity to the entire country,” she told the team.

A separate clip showed Knight seemingly gaining her superior’s approval as the office went dark.

Although this could lead to victory in the fight against terr0r att4cks, a nationwide power outage could cause havoc in the prison.

Regardless, Torres’ undercover mission in a prison with a knife-wielding convict during a power outage could be the perfect recipe for an NCIS season finale cliffhanger.

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