‘NCIS’: Fans Vote on the Best ‘Stand-Alone’ Episodes

There’s no doubt that after 19 seasons on the air, “NCIS” has seen a plethora of well-written and well-received stand-alone episodes. However, as the hit series enters its 19th season, fans have taken to social media to share some of the best “NCIS” stand-alone episodes.

In reference to the procedural cr1me show’s “stand-alone” episodes, one Reddit user asked what other fans’ favorite episodes were that could be watched and followed outside of the context of the storyline over the course of a season.

The title of the post was “Favorite stand-alone episode?” “Stand-alone,” he continues, “as in you don’t have to have watched the entire season-long arc to understand what’s going on.”

Season finales were ruled out by the user. They reasoned that you’d need a lot of context to understand the full scope of the episode’s plot.

“NCIS” fans responded with a slew of favorites.

Favorite ‘Stand-Alone’ Episodes Highlight the ‘NCIS’ Family

One fan focused on episode 14 of season eight, “A Man Walks Into a Bar…” This episode focused heavily on the inner workings of our favorite special agents’ minds and values. While the team investigates the d3ath of a Navy Commander, Dr. Rachel Cranston, a psychologist and, as we learn later in the episode, the sister of deceased “NCIS” agent Caitlin “Kate” Todd, joins the team.

Others chose the season seven premiere of “NCIS,” “Truth or Consequences.”

The previous season ended with fans learning that then-Officer Ziva David had been kidnapped by Somalian t3rr0rists. The aforementioned episode kicks off the following season. Special Agents DiNozzo, McGee, and Gibbs are dispatched to the East African country. They set their friend and colleague free here.

As the episode progresses, we see DiNozzo kidnapped by the same t3rr0rist. He investigates the team dynamics while using truth serum. To name a few, he refers to McGee as “the brains,” Director Vance as “the politician,” and Gibbs as “the leader.” It also investigates the team’s values and dynamics.

Having said that, fans had a number of favorite stand-alone episodes. Check out the thread here if you want to join the conversation as an Outsider.

One character is vastly underappreciated.

“NCIS” actor Brian Dietzen has remained a key cast member throughout the show’s run. However, before he became a recurring face in the series’ opening credits, fans thought his character, Jimmy Palmer, was a highly underrated character.

Long-time “NCIS” viewers will recall that Palmer has remained a key member of the team since his first appearance in season one. Palmer’s appearances became more frequent as he became more ingrained in the team, and showrunners gradually added depth to the awkward, but entirely dependable character.

Previously, “NCIS” fans took to Reddit to explain why Palmer was previously underappreciated.

As we all know, Palmer was the most underrated character, and one user added, “It took about a decade for anyone other than [D]ucky to really appreciate his hard work.”

The user went on to say that as Palmer became more immersed in the events of “NCIS” episodes, showrunners revealed the character to be a “emotional anchor” to the team. We also noticed our favorite agents seeking advice from the bespectacled character more frequently when things went wrong.

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