‘NCIS’ Fans Prefer Jethro Gibbs to Stay Retired, Appreciate New Dynamics with Alden Parker

NCIS fans are concerned about the possible return of Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) to the team.

While fans recognize Gibbs’ excellence, particularly in his well-executed Season 19, they are concerned that bringing him back for a one-time case may jeopardize the meticulously planned storyline.

After decades of combating cr1me, Gibbs’ current peaceful life in Alaska, distinguished by fishing and calm, appears to be a fitting retirement.

Although the prospect of seeing Gibbs again is tempting, many argue that it may not be worth jeopardizing the long-term impact of his departure.

Additionally, there’s concern that his return could disrupt the momentum built by the new boss, Alden Parker (Gary Cole).

The deliberate effort to depict Parker as distinct from Gibbs has paid off, ensuring the show’s resilience without its iconic character.

Fans advocate for maintaining this forward momentum and allowing the show to continue evolving with its new leadership.


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  1. CC not everybody agrees with that. Most of the longtime fans are dedicated to Gibbs. He should still be Gibbs on there with maybe a promotion or something like that. We can’t accept him for anything except being Gibbs in some capacity. But I also would not like to see him die on a job and want him to have a nice peaceful retirement to Live life as he chooses. Mark Harmon‘s life and happiness with good health is the most important thing. I just want to see a good man, good human being do what makes him happy🙏❤️🙏

    • I can appreciate that Gibbs is in retirement, but he has been the giant icon for NCIS for so many years that it just feels right to bring him out of retirement and back into NCIS again. He has the fire that is lacking with Alden Parker. I am voting to have him come back for the remainder of the series.
      Alvin, TX

  2. I prefer Leroy Jethro Gibbs to stay on NCIS.
    (Mark Harmon). My friends and I watched
    NCIS for years and we have talked about the change..
    We all agree Mark Harmon’s roll as Gibbs is
    a lot better than Gary Cole’s roll as Alden Parker.
    We may be Old School but we know what we
    like. Alden Parker just doesn’t fit the roll.

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