NCIS Fans May Get Disappointed with the Number of Episodes in Season 21


The NCIS episode count for Season 21 may disappoint some fans.

Two lengthy Hollywood strikes, combined with the summer holiday, have delayed early preparations for the 2023-2024 television season. Due to the delays, CBS will not be able to present a complete slate of new NCIS episodes. The good news is that new episodes are on their way, with Season 21 debuting on Monday, February 12.

The sneak peek and early trailer broadcast by CBS suggested that some drama is on the way.

Tears will be shed this season as the cast, staff, and fans bid farewell to an NCIS legend.

What is the Number of Episodes in NCIS Season 21..?

NCIS Season 21 contains just ten episodes. The late start means that the network will have fewer weeks to present them this spring. A typical NcIS season includes 24 episodes, however production delays sometimes interfere with filming.

In recent years, the blockbuster show has had to take gaps, preventing it from returning to the 24 it had previously achieved. Everyone remembers what happened in 2020 that harmed production. Hopefully, everything gets back on track for NCIS Season 22, presuming the top-rated program is extended for another season.

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