‘NCIS’: Fans’ Favorite Plot Twists Include the Best Way to Hide Stolen Money

NCIS didn’t remain on the air for years and years without a large, dedicated fan base. The show is incredibly popular with a loyal following. It’s been able to do this with a tried and true formula as an investigative procedural. But despite the show’s somewhat formulaic structure, it does manage to surprise its viewers from time to time. NCIS fans online recently talked about some of their favorite plot twists. Here were some of the best that some fans did not see coming. 

What makes ‘NCIS’ work? 

What is it that makes NCIS as successful as it has been? Some might actually say it revels in predictability. Centered around Mark Harmon as Jethro Gibbs, the series gives viewers the same thing every episode. A crime is introduced and the team comes together to solve it.

This isn’t a novel idea among TV shows – plenty of procedural dramas exist. NCIS works because of its solid writing, strong characters, and interesting subplots. Having a formula isn’t a bad thing when the formula is proven to get results. Judging by the show’s popularity and longevity, it works. Not only is the original show itself well-liked, but it actually spawned multiple spinoffs. 

That’s not to say there isn’t room for variety within that formula, however. NCIS has taken plenty of opportunities to surprise its viewers over the years. In a show about routine investigations, it injects plenty of unpredictability and plot twists. NCIS fans have debated what the best twist was.

‘NCIS’ has had its share of plot twists

Like any decent show, NCIS has to keep its viewers guessing from time to time lest the format gets stale and boring. Judging by the online reaction of many fans, the show has done that plenty of times.

NCIS fans took to Reddit to discuss some of the best twists in show history. One fan said it was the season 16 finale that did it for them: 

“The end of season 16 when a certain ziva David walked into Gibbs house.”

Another one had to do with a plotline regarding the team’s evaluations: 

“When we find out the woman doing the teams evals is Kate’s sister.”

These both definitely caught fans off guard. But when it comes to the best twist in series history, it came from a somewhat surprising source: antique furniture. 

The best plot twist in ‘NCIS’ series history

One fan discussed their favorite twist ending, something so out of left field, it would have made M. Night Shyamalan nod in appreciation. It involved a legendary guest star and some old furniture. 

“I’ll give you my favorite. Season 4, Hal Holbrook. He stole a bunch of money but NCIS couldn’t find it. It turns out it was right under their nose the entire time – his old crappy furniture was actually really expensive antiques. And McGee, a fan of Antique Roadshow, figures it out. Lol.”

What made this twist so great? It had it all. The subject of the twist was played by Holbrook, one of the great actors who has never turned in a bad performance. It also featured a somewhat humorous conclusion, with the Antiques Roadshow element playing a role in solving the crime. 

It’s unclear if the show’s creative team intended to give those trying to hide stolen money a blueprint. More likely, they were just trying to entertain. But it does beg the question: if NCIS fans are looking to hide money in the future, will they use antique furniture to do it? Perhaps they will.

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