NCIS Fans REVEAL Which Characters They Love Most


In the NCIS: Los Angeles universe, one character stands out despite common assumptions: Henrietta “Hetty” Lange, played by Linda Hunt.

Hetty’s leadership as the operations manager of the NCIS branch in Los Angeles earns her team’s respect and trust. With her intelligence community background, she adeptly tackles challenges.

Hetty is fluent in 10 languages and talented in martial arts, but her true power is her talent and wisdom, not her stature. Her diverse background as a novelist, pilot, and former actor strengthens her relationships and problem-solving skills.

Eric Christian Olsen praises Linda Hunt’s portrayal, highlighting her gravitas and emotional depth.

Hetty’s unknown past fuels discussion, adding to her intriguing appeal. Viewers are captivated to her strategic foresight, which is reminiscent of a chess master who is constantly several moves ahead.

In essence, Hetty Lange emerges as NCIS: Los Angeles’ unexpected hero, captivating audiences with her leadership, experience, and mystique. She reminds us that true strength lies in character and resilience, not appearance.

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