‘NCIS’: Fans Don’t Want to Believe What Pauley Perrette Said About Mark Harmon

After NCIS star Pauley Perrette left the show in 2018, there was a lot of mystery surrounding her departure. Later, she said she left because she was the v1ct1m of a physical assault. The actress alleged Mark Harmon hit her in 2017. She also recently tweeted she’s never coming back to the show and she posted a picture of a crew member who was allegedly bitten by Harmon’s dog. “NO, I AM NOT COMING BACK! EVER! (Please stop asking?) I am terrified of Harmon and him att4ck1ng me. I have nightmares about it,” she tweeted.

Fans love Mark Harmon and don’t want to believe he would intentionally harm someone. Here’s what NCIS viewers on Reddit had to say about Perrette’s alleged att4ck.  

Fans think Mark Harmon is “one of the good ones”

One fan said when she first heard the allegations in 2018, one of her first thoughts was that she hoped it wasn’t true. “Mark is executive producer though. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sitting here since the tweets and am like, “Oh God, please not Mark, I thought he’s one of the good ones,” she wrote.

Some viewers see a pattern of Pauley Perrette accusing people of att4ck1ng her

Perrette has allegedly been the v1ct1m of several att4cks. However, some NCIS fans think the problem might be with Perrette. “She seems to be a bit off. She was allegedly att4cked by some random guy, then said she was stalked for 14 years, then was accused of being a stalker, and now the Mark Harmon thing. Either she is very unlucky or very crazy,” said one viewer on Reddit.

Another viewer suggested reading Perrette’s tweets closely. According to his interpretation, the NCIS crew members forgave Harmon and moved on:

If you dive into the tweets, you further discover the crew member had no animosity towards the dog or Harmon and [the crew member] admits it was his fault for playing too rough [with Harmon’s dog]. So, what exactly happened here? She got offended that a crew member got hurt, she complains, everyone else resolved the issue with no problem, but for whatever reason she’s not satisfied and decides to quit the show. Now she’s claiming she’ll [be] att4cked if she goes back?

Fans said Pauley Perrette’s messages about the alleged assault were confusing

When Perrette first discussed the alleged assault, she didn’t immediately say what happened. Her statements were vague. Consequently, fans were confused about what really happened. Close to her departure from the show, Perette sent out a series of mysterious tweets.

In the tweets, Perrette implied she was the v1ct1m of physical assault. She also released a statement about her departure: “There have been all kinds of false stories as to why [I’m leaving]. (No, I don’t have a skin care line and no, my network and show are not mad at me!) It was a decision made last year.” About a year after that statement, Perrette said there was a “machine” keeping her silent, so she couldn’t go into detail about the alleged assaults. Fans didn’t know what to think. Here’s what one Redditor said about the statements Perrette made last year:

What unnerves me is that Pauley is so cryptic. If CBS made her sign an NDA, breaking it and also calling it out would favor her in the support way, because it shouldn’t happen that women are pressured to sign non-disclosure about abuse. And the general support would be also on her side, if the siding of other actors from the show with her is any indication. But just being cryptic is not only feeling rumors which might mark people not involved (e.g. the whole “who dunnit ” going on right now), it also is part of whisper networking which does NOT protect women. Don’t whisper network, call it out straight forward. To protect others.

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