NCIS Fans Discuss the Show’s Funniest Moments


With 20 seasons under its belt, NCIS is still a beloved institution in the world of mystery and cr1me solving television.

Aside from its intricate plotline, the show is known for its comic moments, notably those involving the main character, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, played by Mark Harmon.

Gibbs, the quintessential multi-talented investigator, is known for his prowess in solving cr1mes and mentoring his team.

However, his Achilles’ heel? Technology. Fans often find amusement in watching Gibbs grapple with modern gadgets, like QR codes and smartphones, resulting in memorable scenes of comedic frustration.

Gibbs posing as an IT professional, his baffled attempts to decode QR codes, and his amusing reaction to catching coworkers in compromising positions are among the highlights. Joe Spano’s interpretation of Fornell’s remark, “holy Fourth of July Weenie Roast,” has even inspired an internet meme.

The show’s humor extends to its characters’ interactions, such as Abby’s impassioned vow to “crucify” Tony’s frame-up perpetrator and Tony’s quips about a deceased body resembling beef jerky. Even Gibbs’s stoic demeanor cracks when Tony’s attempt at sign language prompts a swift reprimand.

Tony’s apparent death leads to his companions playfully pilfering his stuff, with Palmer grabbing his coffee mug and Ziva snatching his letter opener.

In Season 17, Gibbs’s bemused reaction to Ducky’s enthusiasm over Greek mythology exemplifies his ongoing struggle with literature, eliciting laughter from fans. And from mythical creatures to childhood jests, the NCIS team’s banter never fails to entertain.

From Gibbs’ technological mistakes to the team’s amusing banter, NCIS continues to captivate viewers with its blend of cr1me-solving and comedy flair, establishing its place as a television favorite.

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