NCIS Fans Concerned as Wilmer Valderrama Ventures into Major Career Moves


Fans are excited about Wilmer Valderrama’s latest career developments as the 21th season of NCIS unfolds. Valderrama, who has played Torres since 2016, recently announced plans for a new CW series called “Hipster Death Rattle.” The show, which explores gentrification in a Latino neighborhood, has piqued viewers’ interest, but it has also generated questions about Valderrama’s future on NCIS.

While the actor-turned-producer will helm “Hipster Death Rattle” through his production company, WV Entertainment, questions loom about his commitment to NCIS.

However, Valderrama’s multifaceted career isn’t stopping there. He’s set to executive produce and star in a Disney Zorro TV series, adding a modern twist to the iconic character’s tale.

Valderrama emphasized his early passion for Zorro and wished to influence future generations through storytelling. While it is unclear how these new initiatives would affect Torres’ NCIS role, fans remain optimistic about his continued appearance on the show. With no defined deadlines for his new ventures, Valderrama may just be able to balance both worlds flawlessly.

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