NCIS fans are emotional after Season 20 delivers a lovely Abby Sciuto nod: ‘Got A Mention!’

Fans of the CBS cr1me program NCIS were ecstatic when the most recent episode of Season 20 included a not-so-subtle tribute to previous fan favorite character Abby Sciuto.

Abby, played by Pauley Perrette, hasn’t appeared since her tragic goodbye in Season 15, yet her legacy lives on among fans.

Despite Perrette’s retirement from acting and the absence of public plans for Abby’s return, showrunner Steven D. Binder hinted at references to the beloved character in Season 20.

In Episode 4, titled “Leave No Trace,” fans finally got their first nod to Abby in years with a mention of her favorite drink, Caf-Pow.

Throughout the series, Abby was notorious for drinking Caf-Pow throughout her long work hours, so the drink became synonymous with her persona.

The mention of Caf-Pow in the most recent episode created excitement among fans, who turned to social media to express their delight.

While the episode primarily focused on Jessica Knight’s storyline, involving her ex-boyfriend and a budding romance with Jimmy Palmer, the nod to Abby didn’t go unnoticed.

Fans expressed their emotions online, reminiscing about Abby’s presence on the show.

Despite the absence of Perrette’s reaction to the mention, the future episodes had an engaging storyline involving Knight, Palmer, and a murd3r spree in the National Parks.

With tensions mounting and mysteries unfolding, NCIS Season 20 continues to captivate viewers with its combination of drama and suspense.

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