NCIS Fans Are Convinced Michael Weatherly is Set To Return

In a swirl of Twitter teasers and nostalgic references, NCIS fans are on the edge of their seats, wondering if Michael Weatherly, aka Tony DiNozzo, will return.

It all began with a simple New Year’s greeting from Weatherly, but fans quickly latched onto his hints of a possible reunion with former co-star Cote de Pablo, fueling speculation of Tony and Ziva’s return.

Weatherly’s recent mustache growth sent the fandom into a frenzy, drawing comparisons to Mark Harmon’s Gibbs, who sported a similar look upon his return to the series.

While Weatherly’s exit in Season 13 left a Tony-shaped hole in fans’ hearts, hope was sparked when creator Deep Binder indicated interest in his comeback.

Despite Weatherly’s appearance on “Bull,” the prospect of his return excites longtime fans.

However, uncertainties linger as Weatherly previously expressed reluctance towards network television. Yet, with Binder’s enthusiasm and fans’ fervent desires, the stage seems set for Tony’s triumphant return.

Will Weatherly answer the request of NCIS fans and restore Tony’s wit and charm back to the popular series? Only time will tell, but fans remain hopeful for the day when Tony DiNozzo returns to their lives.

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