NCIS Explained: Tony DiNozzo Whispered Something in Ziva’s Ear..?!

NCIS fans may have said goodbye to Ziva David eight years ago, but there are still unanswered questions, such as what Tony DiNozzo said to her in season 10.

NCIS season 19 concluded earlier this year, with series 20 set to debut in September 2022. While the cast has undergone significant changes, no one can forget the epic love story of agents Tony DiNozzo (played by Michael Weatherly) and Ziva David (Cote de Pablo). While they didn’t meet during the CBS police procedural, there were plenty of touching moments to keep viewers interested.

Fans got a glimpse into Ziva’s family history throughout the series, with all of them d3ad except her father Eli David (Michael Nouri).

However, tragedy struck in season 10 when he was the v1ct1m of a hate cr1me and d1ed alongside Director Leon Vance’s wife Jackie Vance in the episode Shabbat Shalom (Paula Newsome).

Ziva, who was devastated by his d3ath, took time off work to fly his body back to Israel for burial.

Tony arrived at the airport at the last minute to say goodbye before she left.

Tony, what did you say in Ziva’s ear..?

Ziva told her colleague and friend that he didn’t have to come to the airport to wave her off.

Tony then assured her that NCIS would make it a top priority to find out who was responsible for her father’s d3ath.

Despite his promise, Tony knew Ziva would seek revenge on her own and begged her not to.

“I’m going to a funeral to deliver my father’s eulogy,” she explained.

“He wasn’t an easy man to understand, but…. Tony, I…”

Ziva then leaned in for a hug, her head resting on Tony’s shoulder.

At that moment, he whispers in Ziva’s ear, “Aht lo leh-vahd,” which translates to “you are not alone.”

Ziva says, “I know,” then smiles at Tony and walks away to catch her flight.

As NCIS fans are well aware, this was the beginning of the end for Ziva.

By season 11, Ziva had decided to leave NCIS and start over in Israel.

When Tony said his goodbyes at the airport this time, it ended with a passionate kiss.

Two series later, it was assumed that Ziva had been k1lled in a mortar att4ck, leaving behind her and Tony’s unknowing daughter Tali.

As a result, he quit his dangerous job and relocated to Paris to care for Tali.

This wasn’t the end of their love story, as it was revealed in season 16 that Ziva was still alive, having faked her d3ath to protect her loved ones.

When Tony learned Ziva was still alive, he sent a sweet video message in which Tali invited her mother to join them.

Tony, Ziva, and Tali are thought to be living a peaceful life together in Paris.

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