NCIS Executive Producer Says Season 19 Finale Will ‘Push Things Pretty Far’: ‘Gibbs Energy’ Will Be Available

According to executive producer Steven Binder, the NCIS Season 19 finale will be intense. Here’s what to expect in the season finale, as well as the unfortunate situation Alden Parker (Gary Cole) finds himself in.

On ‘NCIS,’ Alden Parker is accused of murd3r.

The season finale will center on Agent Alden Parker. (The NCIS Season 19 finale airs on this date.) Parker is falsely accused of murd3r in this episode. Fortunately, he has the support of his team, and he will rely on them to help him get through this difficult time. Another reason to be grateful is that Parker’s life is not in danger. According to Binder, the person framing him will benefit more from “Parker being disgraced rather than k1lled.” We’re growing fond of Parker and don’t want to see him go just yet.

Parker, according to Binder, does not sit back while his accuser tries to ruin his life. Instead, he fights for himself and does everything in his power to clear his name. Parker isn’t one to back down from a fight, so it’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out.

“When he feels the system is being used against him, he’ll do what he’ll do,” Binder says. “We push things a little too far.”

Parker fights back by teaming up with his ex-wife (with whom he is still on good terms), Vivian Kolchak (played by Teri Polo). According to Deadline, Parker’s ex-wife used to be an FBI agent, but after their divorce, she decided to change careers and now works as a paranormal investigator for the Department of Defense.

The ‘NCS’ ‘family’ rallies.

Being falsely accused of murd3r is terrifying and stressful, but McGee (Sean Murray) and the rest of the team have his back. According to TV Insider, McGee steps up for Parker because he assisted Gibbs (played by Mark Harmon) in his time of need. Parker is under a lot of pressure, so McGee takes over and leads the team.

Binder tells TV Insider, “Parker put his a$$ on the line to help Gibbs in Alaska.” “McGee hasn’t forgotten about you. The story is infused with Gibbs’ energy.”

Torres is still dealing with grief.

It’s been a while since Gibbs left NCIS, but Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) is still struggling to deal with his emotions. The loss of his father, Bishop, and Gibbs has been too much for him to bear. It was revealed during one of his sessions with Dr. Grace Confalone that he had been drinking to try to numb the pain.

Torres says yes when Dr. Grace asks if he wants to be sober. He’s ready to get sober and move on with his life so he can be happy once and for all. He isn’t content with just getting by. Torres has taken a significant step forward. Previously, he was on a self-destructive path. He claimed that no one cared about him anymore, so he didn’t want to try any longer.

Torres has been “pulling away” and becoming more withdrawn, according to Binder, but he will eventually change his ways. Binder tells the publication, “He’s pulling away.” “He’ll be drawn closer by his family.”

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