‘NCIS Europe’ Spinoff Reveals Reasons Why Tony DiNozzo Couldn’t Stay in Season 21

Some fans were upset by Ducky’s tribute episode in NCIS season 21, which lacked expected cameos. While the send-off for David McCallum’s role was poignant and fitting, the lack of appearances from other significant characters like Leroy Jethro Gibbs was noted. Despite Tony DiNozzo’s brief appearance, the absence of Gibbs left viewers wanting more. However, there is a purpose for the decision, since the program has a larger plan for bringing back DiNozzo.

NCIS Europe Spinoff Reveals Reasons Why Tony DiNozzo Couldn’t Stay

Get ready for a thrilling spinoff as Tony and Ziva hit the road in “NCIS: Europe,” streaming exclusively on Paramount+. This new series follows the dynamic duo on the run across the continent, adding an exciting twist to the NCIS franchise.

Fans speculated about Tony’s abrupt departure, but now everything makes sense. His limited appearances in Season 21 provided clues to his whereabouts, implying his involvement in the planned spinoff. Tony’s fast visit to Ducky’s homage and comment of being “just passing through” now correspond to his on-the-go lifestyle in “NCIS: Europe.”

With Tony and Ziva’s action-packed escapades ahead, there’s no telling what thrilling adventures await in this exciting new chapter of the NCIS universe!

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